With the times we’re in, staffing firm sales efforts have gone from hard to hardest. “Business as usual” is not going to work. We normally find ourselves as salespeople pitching prospects for an in-person meeting, and that is not going to happen right now. As hard as it has been to get people on the phone in the past, it has gotten even harder with prospects not in the office. So, how are you attacking your staffing firm sales efforts in times like today? See below for some helpful tips on how to make the best of this situation.

Avoid tone-deafness
In marketing, we are constantly worried about the messages we create being authentic and current with the times. Today, we find that even more difficult. The concept of avoiding tone-deafness is probably the highest priority on the list. Like I said a moment ago, “business as usual” is not going to work. In your communications, be sure to address the current times or concepts focused around everyone working from home in order to avoid sounding like you are simply going about business as you normally would. Prospects, clients, candidates, and consultants are all turned off by a lack of acknowledgement or understanding that we are in unusual times.

Conforming your sales message
In the past, it has been difficult to get clients to understand the value of the remote workforce and opening up their candidate pools to a wider audience that is not local to them. Transform your messaging to address solutions you bring to the table that demonstrate your understanding of our current situation. Hiring is still going on and smart companies are attempting to take advantage of a wider and more available workforce. Share with your prospects your ability to deliver on the remote workforce and the steps your staffing firm has put in place to attract, hire, and onboard candidates when they will be working remote from day one. Have you created a plan to deliver computers, onboarding paperwork, and overall needed communication for clients and consultants in order to address the lack of ability to work in the office? There are several different points to bring up that show both your understanding of the current times as well as your ability to deliver in a tough situation. Simply, put yourself in the shoes of hiring managers to determine the benefits you bring to their organization.

Tools to drive effective sales effortsstaffing firm sales
I have talked about a variety of tools that are effective in driving your staffing firm sales strategy in previous articles; however, it’s probably never been more important than right now. LinkedIn is being utilized more than ever, but are you looking to see if your prospects are online when you’re trying to message them? LinkedIn has now incorporated a green dot for when your connections are online and active as well as a white and green dot for when your contacts are on mobile device within LinkedIn. Knowing that they are online addresses half of the battle, so focus your efforts around what you know.

Yesware is an email tool that allows you to see, real time, if your emails have been opened and if items are clicked on. This tool not only tells you that they opened your email, but if it was from their desktop or mobile device, offering you immediate actionable intelligence. Knowing within seconds that one of your contacts has opened your email and is at their desktop allows you to pick up the phone quickly and try and reach them. The real time nature of his tool is different than other email providers and increases your success in reaching your prospects.

Email has been an overused tool for at least a decade, but it’s now a driving factor in reaching your audience. Transforming your email communication based on the above will dramatically increase your chances of reaching your audience. Don’t forget the value of LinkedIn direct messaging, email, the phone, as well as looking into additional options such as Skype.
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Don’t give up
Right now, the hardest thing for a salesperson is to stay focused on is what they need to do to drive business. With this in mind, I hope I give you a little positivity by saying that business is still being conducted, hiring is going on but selectively, and your efforts during this time is not wasted. Craft new messages, try new approaches, and don’t be afraid to reach out because American business is going on and many managers are still trying to address critical issues and important projects that they need to complete in 2020.

On a personal note, I want to say that while these times are unprecedented, we will get through this. It is our belief that the economy will snap back faster than many of us have ever seen because everyone is experiencing the same thing at the same time. Keep your head up, work hard, keep focused, and you will be rewarded on the other side of these times. Keep your families safe and healthy and be well.

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