How important is your branding strategy in our current environment? Now more than ever, branding has proven to be especially important. As we are all living in a contactless world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online branding is important for staffing firms, and more specifically, your sales teams. In this blog, find what your sales team needs to know about keeping your staffing firm brand alive in the digital world.

It’s All Digital
We’ve said this in previous blogs, but even during the global pandemic, your marketing strategy should not come to a halt. In fact, it’s more important than ever. Make sure that branding is on the top of your list when it comes to your marketing strategy. Your branding strategy is very important these days now that your sales team cannot meet prospects and clients face-to-face. Now, it’s all digital.

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Your staffing firm brand has always been much more than just your logo, and in today’s environment, that couldn’t be more true. Your branding strategy really needs to bring across your staffing firm’s messaging on online platforms, because that is the only way people will know your name. Your brand is the first thing people see, so be sure your messaging portrays exactly how you want your staffing firm to be seen. Your branding strategy should also differentiate you from other staffing firm brands. This allows you to stand out and attract the attention of your target audience.

Best Practices for Your Current Branding Strategy
There are many ways to spread your brand across a large audience. This is done through email, cold calling, social media platforms, and more. To keep your brand on track during this time, follow what we have to say below:

  • Avoid Tone-deafness

When continuing with your branding strategy, it’s important to be aware of tone-deafness in your messaging. It’s vital that we remember not to disregard what is happening in the world during this unusual time and to present your messaging with transparency. Be mindful of your messaging and refrain from sounding tone-deaf. For more information on avoiding tone-deafness in your marketing strategy, check out this blog.

  • Utilize Social Media Analytics

In a recent blog, we discussed the importance of utilizing social media analytics. This is also very relevant to your branding strategy. Through your social analytics, you are able to see what your audience is interested in and, ultimately, what is trending within your posts and your feed. Tracking these trends gives better insights for marketing and allows you to mend your marketing and branding strategy accordingly. Adapting your branding strategy to what is trending among your audience allows for your name to be spread digitally. Your staffing firm brand is a large element of your marketing strategy. It gets your message out there so people know who you are. By observing what your target audience is interested in on social media, you have the opportunity to adhere to their interests so that they see your name and you are able to help with their staffing needs.

  • Keep Delivering

As mentioned earlier, the answer to the title of this blog is that your branding strategy is still very important in our current environment. With that said, it’s important for your sales team to continue delivering your messaging through several mediums, as they are not able to meet people face-to-face. Staying connected online through video calls, email, LinkedIn direct messaging, and phone calls keeps your brand alive. Constantly applying differentiation and key messaging that is relevant and empathetic with the current environment through digital mediums is guaranteed to improve your sales and recruiting efforts.
S.J.Hemley Marketing
Everyone is adjusting to a “new normal”, and this also applies to your branding strategy. Your staffing firm brand is still very important and relevant in our current environment and new steps and precautions must be taken to make your brand noticeable. If you have any questions regarding your marketing and branding strategy, feel free to reach out.

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