How Friendly to Candidates Is Your Staffing Firm Website?The first thing that candidates do when they are looking for new career opportunities is to start with an online search. Websites that have all of the necessary components to attract and retain the attention of candidates get to bring in more leads and improve conversion rates. With that being said, you need to make sure that your staffing firm website is friendly to applicants and becomes the driver of more business. Below, we provide some advice on how to ensure that visitors have a positive experience every time they visit your site.

User Experience
A very important factor to ensure that your staffing firm website is friendly to applicants is the user experience they have once they land on your site. How easy can they find the information they are looking for? Does the navigation stand out and work seamlessly? Are all links working properly or do visitors end up in error pages? Can a candidate apply for a job on your website? Keep in mind that the objective of your website is to provide your visitors with a constructive experience without causing any frustration. If they struggle to get to where or to what they want, you run the risk of them not coming back again.

Producing and publishing original and informative content that provides value to the reader is a great way to intrigue and engage visitors. Use industry-specific keywords to improve your SEO rates and include call-to-action buttons to urge readers to take further action on your website. Conduct market research to identify topics of interest for your target audience and create an editorial calendar to write blogs that address these topics. Remember to distribute your content through your social media platforms for maximum exposure and be sure to point readers back to your website.

Responsive Design
Today’s candidates want to be able to access a website from any mobile device they use. In other words, in order to make certain that your staffing firm website is friendly to applicants, you first need to make it mobile friendly. If you don’t adopt responsive design, don’t expect visitors to stick around for very long. Research is showing that the average staffing firm is receiving between 20 and 40% of their visitors from phone and tablet. Ensure that your website displays right on a tablet, desktop and mobile phone so candidates can have seamless experience on the go. In addition, you are going to improve your SEO ranking since search engines rank responsive websites higher.

Job Listings
Candidates visit staffing firm websites to look for open positions that match their skills, and they expect to see up-to-date job postings. This means that your listings need to present information that is accurate and complete. Coming across out of date job descriptions or positions that have already been filled is really frustrating and discouraging for applicants. Similarly, your search functionality needs to work properly and bring up all of the offered positions. To avoid hiccups, monitor your job listings on a regular basis and be sure they are complete and accurate.

Integrated ATS
Another way to guarantee that your staffing firm website is friendly to applicants is to create a seamless bridge between your website and your application portal. Are candidates able to upload their resumes and accompanying documents without issues? How easy is the application process on your website? How fast are they contacted and interviewed by your recruiting teams? Integrating your ATS with your website allows you to collect important information about your applicants and enables you to get in touch with them much faster, thus improving their online experience and providing them with a positive experience.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for How Friendly to Candidates Is Your Staffing Firm Website?:

  1. Ensure your website offers a positive user experience to visitors
  2. Provide original and informative content on your website
  3. Make your website responsive to mobile devices
  4. Make sure your job listings are complete and accurate
  5. Integrate your application portal with your website

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