Growth is the component that every staffing firm is looking for in their business. I think we make it harder than it needs to be because we don’t look at the strategy and how to get to our end goals.

There are two very simple roads for you to take when growing your staffing firm business; 1) Prospecting, and 2) Client Expansion. Yes, I know that is oversimplified. However, when you are focused on prospecting there are avenues that you need to take and when you are focused on client expansion there are others.

Prospecting for Success with Your Staffing Firm Business
In prospecting, just like in real estate, it is location, location, location. When we prospect we need to build out our target profile. We need to determine where we have the greatest likelihood of success. Are we a development shop? Are we incredible with project management and business analysis? Knowing where you succeed helps you in defining your prospect better.

Prospecting is not making a list of companies and going after them. Prospecting is taking your defined target audience as discussed above, and then building a list of target companies. Instead of location, location, location – it is focus, focus, focus. Every sales person will tell you that their list is not long enough. Every sales person will create alternate lists to your prospect list.
It is imperative that you stay focused with them in order to drive the behavior you want.

-Is prospecting making a single call?
-Is it sending a single email? Is it sending a LinkedIn InMail?
-Is it even a drive by?
The steps in which you take for prospecting are entirely up to you, but if you don’t drive the focus of your sales team then do not be surprised by the lack of results.

Client Expansion Equals Expanding your Staffing Firm Business
Almost every firm that we have spoken with understands the concept of getting horizontal with their clients. We are working with one manager, doesn’t that make it easier to start working with two or three or four? Most firms that we speak with tell us that their sales team is focused on expanding within existing clients; however, when we ask how, their eyes tend to head to the floor and sometimes the ceiling.

If you want to drive client expansion, then baselines need to be created, ways in which to improve, and ways to measure their success must be developed. You must remained focus on your part by reaching out and constantly discussing it with the sales team. If you are not discussing it with them, then they are likely ignoring it.

I was speaking with someone recently about the concept of micro-management and they said that one of their staff had told them that they were feeling that the manager was micro-managing them. That manger and I were discussing whether or not he was micromanaging. It turns out, he was just simply managing. If people are not doing what you need done, then do not feel like it is micro-management to get into the details.  If you find yourself there for a long period of time, you probably are micro-managing because they need it.

For more sales and staffing firm business helpful hints feel free to reach out to us! Otherwise good luck with your efforts!S.J.Hemley Marketing

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