Lead GenerationRunning short on qualified candidates? Wondering how to fill the gaps in between your times of peak business? Looking to build new client partnerships? The solution to all of these problems is lead generation, but how should you go about this task? The best way to achieve your goals is to create a well-thought-out marketing plan that includes a comprehensive lead generation component. In order to drive new business, boost your brand and satisfy your clients and candidates, check out the following ways to increase your staffing firm leads.

Make Your Wish List
If you could work with any company or any type of applicant, who would you choose to work with? Sit down with your sales and recruiting teams and make your wish list of ideal clients and candidates. Conduct market research in order to identify the key companies within your niche and determine the skillsets needed by those clients. Come up with a plan for getting their attention and create a marketing campaign calendar to ensure that you hit your targets and maintain regular contact with companies and candidates. Design an overall campaign theme and incorporate integrated strategies such as direct mail, social media outreach, email messages, and cold calls.

Direct Mail
Although direct mail may seem like a step backward from the technological advances of email and social media, its decreased usage also represents an opportunity if done correctly. A well-planned direct mailing message is an effective way to increase your staffing firm leads and grab the attention of key decision makers at your targeted companies. Instead of opting for the predictable letter, case study or whitepaper, pique their interest with a “bulky” mailing. Keeping with the theme of the overall lead generation campaign, design a mailing that includes an item packaged in a box or soft-sided mailer bag. Ensure that the marketing collateral serves to remind the recipient of your staffing firm and the high-quality services that you provide. Do not resort to tired, unnecessary trinkets that are destined for the trash can. Instead, make sure that the item is meaningful and helps to build your staffing firm brand. Follow up with a second mailing to continue the conversation and begin the lead nurturing and conversion cycle.

Social Media Outreach
Whether you swear by LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or another online platform, there is no denying that social media is a driving force in today’s business world. Every time you post new content to your staffing firm website, be sure to promote it through your company’s social media profiles. Reach out to prospective clients and candidates through their social media accounts and initiate a conversation by offering helpful advice or posting insightful replies to their questions. Run contests and social giving campaigns to increase followers, and host webinars and podcasts geared toward your target audience in order to drive traffic to the gated content on your staffing firm’s website.

Email Campaigns
If you are working with a tight budget, email marketing is one of the most cost efficient forms of lead generation. Keep the messages consistent with your campaign theme and tie the emails together with images and subject lines that serve to increase brand recognition. Always remember to include a strong call-to-action and to clearly highlight company contact information in every message. Ensure that your staffing firm website is responsive and that your email messages are mobile-friendly, so that you do not frustrate those professionals who review their messages during commutes and break times. Closely follow your analytics, especially in the early stages of any new lead generation effort. Email marketing platforms allow you to segment your mailing list and tailor your message based on the feedback you receive in the initial waves of the campaign.

Phone Communication
As with direct mailing, many have done away with cold calls in favor of emails or even texts; however, there is definitely still a place for phone communication as long as it is not overused or done at the wrong times. The personal nature of a phone contact is sometimes a refreshing way to touch base and increase your staffing firm leads. The ability to actively engage with a lead in real-time provides an opportunity for you to modify your conversation on-the-go, rather than sending the same email to everyone on your list. Don’t forget to regularly reach out to former clients and candidates to see whether their needs have changed.

Key Takeaways for Great Ways to Increase Your Staffing Firm Leads: S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Take the time to create your wish list and marketing plan
  2. Consider a bulky direct mailing to pique the interest of your audience
  3. Social media outreach is a driving force in today’s business world and a great way to nurture leads
  4. Email marketing is an effective and relatively inexpensive form of lead generation
  5. Phone calls allow you to actively engage with leads in real-time

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