In order to effectively engage with your staffing firm target audience, you must figure out new ways to hold their attention and attract new followers. Multimedia Content MarketingGive your content marketing a multimedia boost by breathing new life into your website, blog articles and social media posts. People are much more likely to interact with a social media post if there is an eye-catching graphic or video link, so be sure to build your staffing firm brand by increasing the visibility of your content. With many different forms of media to choose from, infographics, vivid images, videos and interactive multimedia formats are great ways to update your staffing firm’s content marketing strategy. Combining different content formats with traditional forms of printed or text-only material allows you to expand your target audience and attract the attention of today’s busy candidates and clients.

Make Use of Infographics
Information graphics are a great way to tell a story without making use of extensive text. When trying to convey a data-driven story, consider using an infographic instead of overwhelming people with paragraph after paragraph of written text. There are many different web-tools available that allow users to create infographics using their own information. Give your content marketing a multimedia boost by featuring custom infographics on your website and linking to them on your social media profiles. When presented with an entire white paper and a brightly colored image, busy clients and candidates are much more inclined to review and share an infographic. Demonstrate knowledge and brand expertise by carefully crafting your infographic to ensure that it is distinctive and relevant to your staffing firm target audience.

Breathe New Life into your Blog
Your company blog is perhaps the biggest driver of traffic to your website, so make sure that you are taking full advantage of its potential. Don’t risk losing viewers by churning out the same old text-heavy blog articles week after week. Breathe new life into your blog by including vivid images and interactive content tools. In order to guarantee a strong online presence for your staffing firm, make use of one or more high-quality images in each blog post. Reap the SEO and relationship building benefits of your blog by sharing relevant, meaningful content, and incorporating multimedia into your articles.

Get Creative with Video
Video is the perfect format for attracting the attention of busy professionals and conveying a call-to-action. Draw visitors to your website by uploading video highlights in your staffing firm’s blog. Build credibility in your brand by providing a visual presentation of your team members, your offices and your leadership’s approach to the staffing industry. Feature your recruiters in a brief video on interview tips and link to it in your social media posts. Videos allow your staffing firm target audience to connect with your team on a more personal level, and to get a feel for your company culture. When done right, video has the power to tell a compelling story, elicit an emotional response, entertain a visitor, or sway a potential client or candidate.

Multimedia Engagement
Engagement must be an essential part of any staffing firm’s content marketing strategy. Multimedia is a great way to draw in your staffing firm target audience and encourage them to interact with your brand. In addition to striking images and video presentations, podcasts and webinars present amazing engagement opportunities. Establish your brand as in industry influencer and communicate knowledge and expertise within your staffing niche by hosting webinars that offer solutions to your target audience’s problems. Invite people to interact with your brand and give your content marketing a multimedia boost by publishing an interactive quiz that doubles as a lead generator.

Take Control of your Meta Descriptions
Make the most of your multimedia content by carefully selecting keywords and taking control of your meta descriptions. Use appropriate keywords in both the image names and the alt text fields, in order to optimize organic SEO and encourage potential candidates and clients to visit your website. Evaluate your staffing firm’s content marketing strategy to make sure that informative meta descriptions are high on your priority list. When searching online for a topic, the meta description below your search result must be clear so that visitors are persuaded to click through to your site. Instead of relying on search engines to generate descriptions of your website and blog posts, take the time to write your own meta descriptions.

Key Takeaways for Give Your Content Marketing a Multimedia Boost: S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Use an infographic instead of overwhelming people with extensive written text
  2. Breathe new life into your blog by including vivid images and interactive content tools
  3. Video is the perfect format for attracting the attention of busy professionals
  4. Utilize multimedia to encourage engagement with your target audience
  5. Take control of your SEO ranking by carefully selecting relevant keywords and writing your own meta descriptions

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