Getting the Most Out of Your Staffing Firm WebsiteYour company’s website is the face of your business. Its the first place applicants go to look for jobs, and clients visit to find out more about your services. Does your website have the functionality it takes to increase traffic and bring in more business? Do search engines find your site easily when people look for the services you offer? Do analytics confirm that your website performs the way you anticipate? If not, then take a look at the hints below to make sure that you offer your visitors a smooth user experience while you get the most out of your staffing firm website.

Make it Responsive
In order to get the most out of your staffing firm website, you need to make sure that it is accessible from mobile devices. If you haven’t embraced responsive design, you run the risk of being penalized by search engines and be outpaced by your competition. In addition, you jeopardize your brand presence because you turn away the huge number of users who prefer to access sites with their mobile devices. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of your website is to be highly ranked by search engines, as well as offer a seamless experience to users and motivate them to come back. Making your site responsive will get you there.

Integrate Your ATS
The speed with which you are able to grow your candidate pool is a huge factor for the success of your staffing firm. Get the most out of your staffing firm website by integrating it with your applicant tracking system (ATS). By doing so, you are able to automatically collect the information of candidates who apply on your site, store their information in your database and have your recruiters reach out to them in a timely manner. Simplify the application process to ensure that users have a positive experience and come back again.

Increase Engagement
Your website is a great place to share valuable and engaging content that motivates your target audience and drives in candidates. When was the last time you looked into your SEO? Are your keywords the ones your target audience uses to find your services? If not, then it is time to get the most out of your staffing firm website. Check each page of your website to ensure that you use the right keywords that catches the attention of search engines. Create an editorial calendar and post industry related blogs that speak to the needs of your audience and increase your SEO ranking and web traffic.

Keep Checking
When it comes to your staffing firm website, keep in mind that you need to keep a close eye on it. Perform regular checkups to locate flaws such as broken links or error pages that increase your drop-off rates. Is your navigation working seamlessly on mobile devices? Are candidates able to quickly get to the pages of their interest and apply for the jobs they want? How long does it take for pages and imagery to load? In order to get the most out of your staffing firm website, you need to identify and fix mistakes in a timely manner.

Inspect What You Expect
Which pages of your website have the highest traffic, and which ones experience a high drop off rate? Is your latest marketing campaign bringing in the number of leads you anticipated? Are visitors filling out web forms? The best way to know that you get the most out of your staffing firm website is to keep track of analytics. In order to know what works and what doesn’t, you need to analyze the data in the backend of your website. Look into your analytics programs to get the answers you need and take corrective action.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Getting the Most Out of Your Staffing Firm Website:

  1. Ensure your website adopts responsive design
  2. Integrate your applicant tracking system with your website
  3. Use the right keywords that help you boost your SEO
  4. Identify and fix website flaws in a timely manner
  5. Keep a close eye on your website analytics to optimize the performance of your site

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