Are you noticing that fewer and fewer people are visiting your website?


Has the number of leads generated by your site been slowly decreasing? Do the analytics show that your SEO ranking is down? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then it is time to think about redesigning your staffing firm website. In order to breathe some new life into your site, you need to start by researching other sites, especially those of your competitors. Knowing what is out there is going to help you to logically approach the design process and ensure that you are differentiating your site.

Not So Fast
It’s easy to get wrapped up in the creative process and start envisioning your new cutting-edge website, but remember that a building is only as strong as its foundation. Select a user-friendly platform such as WordPress, in order to allow for future in-house enhancements and updates. Work with a qualified marketing firm or website developer to ensure that the basis of your website is structurally sound. Website navigation must flow seamlessly and be easy to use. Keywords need to be carefully chosen and assigned to each page in order to attract the attention of search engines and boost your SEO. All of the fancy images in the world are not going to fix broken links and slow loading times, and websites that are not optimized and responsive to mobile devices have become outdated. If not thoroughly addressed, all of these issues are guaranteed to send your visitors packing.

Be Original
Before the real fun begins, you need to do one important thing: forget about using the same tired format that everyone else is using. Although it is fine to use a template to serve as the backdrop for your project, you must individualize each page and bring some of your staffing firm’s personality into every aspect of the site. Incorporate your brand and color palette into the design, and be sure to carry the theme throughout your website to ensure continuity. If your website does not allow the visitor to gain some insight into your company culture, then your design has failed. When redesigning your staffing firm website, feel free to push the limits a little and create an experience that feels right to you and your team. If you are looking to ensure a return on your investment (ROI), the biggest mistake possible is to play it safe and end up with a website that does not stand out from the crowd.

It’s All about Perspective
In order to grab the attention of your visitors, opt for a not-so-generic perspective. Instead of selecting images that are front facing and two dimensional, how about using scenes that display objects from a linear or an aerial perspective? Bird’s eye views of your office space are going to open the door to your company culture and help viewers feel like they are already part of the action. Enhance the user experience by experimenting with different 3D effects to create the illusion of depth. Work with a graphic designer to determine how to use filters or color palettes to achieve different visual effects.

Get Technical
Today’s professionals love a good high-tech gadget, so feed that interest by creating your own mobile app and integrating your ATS with your website. The easier it is for candidates to enter and upload information, the more interest you are going to build. Make lead nurturing and follow-up easy for your recruiters by automatically generating emails that contain the individual’s contact information. Be sure to establish a company-wide protocol so that your team understands your lead nurturing goals and expectations.

Don’t Listen to Your Parents
While there is definitely a time and a place for listening to your parents’ sound advice about not giving out personal information to strangers, it is important to remember that people need to know who they are potentially going to do business with. When redesigning your staffing firm website, get creative with the ‘About Us’ page so that people truly understand who you are and what you stand for. Provide insights into your career, and yes even your personal life (to a degree), to help readers understand how you approach business. Feeling really daring? Opt for a brief video or slideshow rather than a posed photograph. Not feeling so daring? Use the professional photo, and superimpose a more casual shot of you enjoying some recreational activity that only appears when the mouse hovers over your onscreen image.

Key Takeaways for Get Creative with your Staffing Firm Website:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Ensure that the foundation of your website is structurally sound
  2. Create an original website design that allows visitors to truly understand your company culture
  3. Consider using images that are shot from different perspectives to capture attention
  4. Go high-tech and install features that allow for easy website navigation and a smooth application process
  5. Inject your website with your own personality and allow visitors to see who you really are

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