When designing any marketing initiative, it is essential to evaluate who exactly falls into your staffing firm target audience. For each email marketing campaign, you must set specific goals and decide whether your message is going to be relevant to the identified audience. Pay attention to wording choices, images selected and any appeals you are issuing. If your message proves to be ineffective with your audience, your ability to generate leads through your staffing firm email marketing campaign is going to be affected. Segment your contact list to ensure that you are emailing the most appropriate prospects, rather than sending to the masses. In order for your staffing firm marketing effort to be successful, you must properly plan out the design, content and follow-up strategy of your campaign.

Design Matters
When designing an email marketing campaign message, it’s best to keep things simple. Make sure that your email focuses on one major issue or event. Are you announcing a new staffing service or the opening of a new office location? Do you want to make your staffing firm’s target audience aware of a new referral program? Have you recently added new team members to your staffing firm and want to announce their specializations within the staffing industry? Are you organizing a networking event? Decide what your message is going to cover and stick to that one topic.

Content Matters
Less is more in terms of content as well. Today’s busy clients and candidates don’t have a lot of time to read through lengthy messages, especially if they are opening their email on a mobile device. In order to effectively generate leads through your staffing firm email marketing campaign, be sure to keep your content to a minimum and include only one link to a designated website landing page. A text-only message is bound to be quickly deleted, so it is wise to include a carefully chosen, attention-grabbing image. Select an image that is in line with your subject matter and campaign theme, and be careful to not overload mobile devices by including an extremely large image or an animated gif that requires extra time to load. Edit your content to ensure that the important information is presented, and that the message ultimately serves to instill trust in your staffing firm brand. Your message must relay useful information and begin a dialog with your staffing firm target audience, not overwhelm them so that they opt to unsubscribe to future mailings.

Must Be Mobile
Mobile-friendly communications require extra attention to detail. Communicate with your mobile staffing firm target audience by clearly presenting your calls-to-action and laying out exactly what is expected of the user. Follow proper email marketing etiquette by giving your followers the ability to opt out of future mailings, and use this as an opportunity to weed out your database. Use simple, one-column layout templates to ensure that mobile users are able to clearly read the information and click through to your website. In order to guarantee a successful mobile experience, view test emails on various mobile devices and make use of easy to read fonts and bulleted highlights rather than opting for lengthy paragraphs of information.

Clear Call-to-Action
If your goal is to generate leads through your staffing firm email marketing campaign, you must make your message interactive by including a clear call-to-action. “Refer a friend,” “Submit an Opportunity,” and “Download Our Free eBook” are all clear calls-to-action that are designed to elicit a response from the reader. In order to entice people to click on your link and fill out a brief form on your landing page, there must be a benefit to the user. What are you offering the user in exchange for them following-through with your request? Potential cash rewards for a successful referral and placement, a charitable donation to the organization of their choice, or an educational case study or eBook serve as great email campaign incentives. Abide by your set goals and make sure that you are always looking to achieve a return on your investment (ROI). It is important to carefully balance the benefit your staffing firm receives with the campaign incentives you are offering.

Tracking is Essential
It is impossible to accurately assess the return on your staffing firm marketing investment without analytics to prove the success of your campaign. Refer back to the statistics reported by your email marketing service provider, and be sure to set-up web analytics for your landing page before the campaign launches. Who is opening your messages? Who is clicking through to your website? How much time do they spend on a page? Use this feedback to adjust future mailings within the campaign or to improve upon other planned lead generation efforts. Assign follow-up calls to your recruiters with a goal of nurturing and hopefully converting those users into solid leads.

Key Takeaways for Generating Leads through Email Marketing Campaigns:S.J.Hemley Marketing
When designing your email message, be sure to keep things simple
Avoid overloading your email with content
Email messages must be mobile-friendly in order to ensure the best response from your target audience
Make sure your emails have calls-to-action and links back to your website to generate leads
Pay close attention to your email analytics to track user interest and convert them into leads

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