As a staffing firm, you know people – you know how to pick out a needle in a haystack and entice them towards the perfect role for them. But do you know how to market to them? Do you know what content they really want to see? This blog gives you four essentials for you staffing firm content strategy.

Keyword Research
One of the first steps to generating engaging content for prospects and current clients/candidates is conducting keyword research. What are people searching for on Google and social media? What are the current hashtags being used? What are people talking about? This gives you a great indication of the types of topics/conversations you should also be jumping in on. Not to mention, it helps you craft your content calendars with ease!

Industry-related Articles
A great way to position yourself as a leader in your industry is to post related articles on your social channels and/or website as often as possible (ideally, daily). This may be re-purposed articles from other experts in the field or your own blog posts (if you choose to write your own blog posts, we recommend 2-4 posts a month!) People want to learn and stay up to date on the latest trends and conversations circulating their sphere. What better way to connect than delivering the news they can use right to their feeds? This also increases the trust that people put in your staffing firm as you are showing consistency in delivering valuable, relatable content.

Webinars/Video Content
People love to consume content in different formats. A webinar is a great event to add to your staffing firm content strategy to break up the text-heavy content they’re continuously browsing through on their smartphones and get them engaged with live-stream video. Choose a topic that you have expertise in and invite both prospects and some current clients. Like we said, everyone is always on the hunt for new information, and you want to be their go-to resource! If a webinar seems far-fetched for you at the moment, dip your toe in by creating some video content on your site and/or social channels. You might even create a series of videos discussing a new best practice, emerging technology, or even advancements your staffing firm is currently working towards.

Your followers/viewers want to see who you and your colleagues are as people, not solely about data science or project management. Crack a joke! Post a funny meme! Create a slideshow of the barbecue you and your team just enjoyed! This type of content makes you more approachable, and lets the viewer know you care about things other than strictly business.
Do you feel equipped to craft a compelling staffing firm content strategy? Need help with getting started? Let us know and we’re glad to show you the way! For other marketing tips, check out our other blogs or reach out to us and we’d love to chat! staffing firm market research tools

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