While email is a medium that most of us are well-versed in by now, there are always new trends and best practices arising, specifically when it comes to your recruiting tactics. So, what are these current best practices, you ask? This blog dives into some of the key tips your staffing firm needs for email marketing success. Let’s get into it!

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It’s Here to Stay
First of all, let’s make it clear that email is not a dying form of communication, contrary to popular belief. In fact, email has become recognized as a tried and true communication medium for recruiters, and has thus gained familiarity and trust. So, you bet email isn’t going anywhere any time soon! With that said, marketing via email has evolved like all others. The craft of writing good subject lines ensures better open rates and strong calls to action are the secret sauce to click-through. With traditional email, you must be conscious of your audience and work to attract their attention.

Mobile View is Everything
Today, 81% of emails are opened on mobile devices (MacDonald, 2021). This means that your emails must be formatted with mobile viewing in mind first, and desktop second. You don’t want to turn prospects away just because your formatting is off, or they can’t view half of your email due to design issues. Ensuring that your staffing firm email marketing efforts include easy readability establishes a positive brand reputation right off the bat, and also has a higher likelihood of increased response rates.

Weekend Sending is Your Friend
What? Send emails on Saturday and Sunday? You heard us right. We know the weekend is usually our time to relax and take our mind off work for a couple days, but sending emails on the weekend is another way to potentially increase response rates. This is due to the fact that less people are communicating on weekends (duh!) so you are less likely to drown in their sea of Monday-Friday emails. Additionally, Sunday nights are the most ideal time, as many professionals are prepping for their upcoming week, thus even more likely to read and respond to your note.

While this may not come as a surprise, us as human beings love attention. These days, we want personalized special treatment, and emails are no exception. A good best practice to follow is to personalize your emails as much as possible! If your reader feels as though you are addressing them personally and not just an email list you’re blasting your note out to, they are 35% more likely to open your email! (MacDonald, 2021). Include their first name (not full name, as this is less conversational), and bonus points if you’re able to add any unique points about their experience or background.

Craft Your Subject Line Carefully
Many people fail to realize just how essential a subject line truly is for your staffing firm email marketing. It makes or breaks your email, because without a catchy first line, why should a viewer even open it? Would you open an email with a boring subject line like, “Here to help you find a job”? Get creative with it! You want to make your prospects feel a burning need to read what you have to say. Cut the sales-pitch talk and write like you’re talking to a friend. Conversational writing is key!

Are you ready to crush your email game? If you have any questions, we’re glad to help you along the way. For more staffing firm email marketing insights, check out our other blogs or reach out to us and we’d love to chat!staffing firm market research tools


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