In today’s job market, we know it is difficult to find the perfect talent, and sometimes you find yourself stuck with the same candidates. The good news is that there are tools that help you become more effective in your recruiting efforts. Have you fully taken advantage of your ATS’ potential? Are you aware of how many problems you are able to solve using your ATS for your staffing firm or for finding more candidates?

Due to economic changes, it is now exceedingly challenging to locate candidates on the market. People are not considering how the economic shifts are going to affect their capacity to find new talent. Year after year, new occupations and professional paths are developed, which further increases the number of open positions. As a result, improving the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes are crucial to engaging the right candidates.

But now, how are we going to improve the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes? Here is where the ATS’ comes into play.

Are you using your ATS to its fullest potential?

Although each ATS is constructed with unique characteristics, they all ultimately serve similar purposes. Utilizing every feature of the ATS’ ecosystem is a must if you want to improve responses from recruiters and applicant flow.

Now that we are aware of the significance of applicant tracking systems, we are going to focus on the tools that are going to assist you during the various stages of the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes.

Attracting candidates using ATS

Our priority is attracting new candidates, which includes how you search, contact and attract them. Nowadays, different technologies exist to help you keep track of all the communication and engagement you had with a candidate. ATS’ are looking for new ways to integrate their search capabilities to help improve the efficiency of the recruitment process.

ATS boosts efficiency

Recruiters frequently switch between several job sites without realizing they are viewing the same people, which reduces productivity, wastes time, and adds to expenses. The integrated search lets you know who you’ve already looked at, so you don’t waste any more looking up candidates.

Passive Candidates

It also checks your database to see whether the candidate has already been saved there. Another important feature that ATS’ have is that it helps you find passive candidates. Who are the people not necessarily looking for a job but are valuable potential candidates.

Marketing tools/features

The marketing tools provided by ATS has the options to incorporate CRM features like emailing, automation workflows and SMS. These enable you to communicate with more people using personalized language, allowing candidates to take into account that the recruiters are knowledgeable about their professional background and are therefore more confident that the message is not simply a mass mailing.

Few staffing and recruiting companies consider the fact that their databases contain very valuable prospects who were overlooked. This is one of those things that you cannot let happen because your firm has spent a lot of money building databases but has wasted the value of the information they contain.

Staying in contact with viable candidates

Maintaining contact with all of the candidates listed in the database is crucial to ensuring that their information does not get old and that we, the staffing agency, are updated on their employment situation. Along with providing candidates updated resumes and information, ATS’ also offer the chance to use various CRM tools like nurture campaigns.

These tools help you maintain good communication with candidates while also giving them a positive impression of your business in the hopes that they make referrals and recommend you to others.

Hiring/Onboarding using your ATS

When it comes to the hiring and onboarding processes, it’s critical to measure the candidate’s experience and what your team is doing to improve their experience. Knowing that the business cares about the consultant is a positive step.

We get it, everyone on the team is extremely busy, which is why ATS’ are useful because they enable you to create an automated procedure for reference checks, onboarding materials like hiring documents, and first day and first week communication.

All of these tools effectively lessen the user’s time and increase the consultant’s sense of support. Giving recruiters these tools is crucial for increasing their productivity and improving internal communication. In order to ensure a smooth onboarding process and that everyone receives the support they require.

After the hiring and onboarding procedures are complete, it’s crucial to maintain contact with your consultant. With the help of ATS’, you are able to create automated campaigns that help you have constant communication with your consultants. To see what and how they are doing in their new position.

Feedback, Referrals & Reviews

In addition, you get real feedback from the consultant instead of hearing from their bosses or co-workers. This also helps you to be prepared to assist candidates with any problems they encounter and provide a workable solution. It also helps you to be aware of assignments, extensions, and endings in advance.

Another tool that ATS’ have to offer is that now you get referrals and reviews. There are different tools available to get more feedback about the way you are performing as a recruiter or as a company. It is also a way to connect with valuable consultants. These systems enable you to acquire ratings as a company. To make sure everyone on your team is performing well and getting excellent reviews from consultants.

As you can see, applicant tracking systems offer a variety of alternatives for the recruiter and the business. To improve all processes and prevent further wastage of time, money, and resources. Applying these various strategies results in more valuable candidates and better outcomes in less time.

ATS Tools

We do not push any products and with that said, we do want to provide some of the tools that we have worked with that bring real value. Terefic is a tool for reference checking. That recognizes that it is not only the reference that you are seeking but the sales lead. is an amazing tool that sits on top of the ATS. Updating candidates in the database from information across the web allowing for updated resumes and contact information. Great Recruiters allows you to gain insight on how your team is performing. That you can share with all candidates along with the fact that they generate referrals. Sense is another great tool for ongoing consultant engagement. Check them out.

Are you interested in learning more about how ATS’ helps your businesses? Do not hesitate, contact us and let’s have a conversation!

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