Staffing Firm team GoalsAre you reaching your company goals? Is your team effectively working together to meet deadlines and realize your company vision? Everyone brings something different to the table, so it pays to invite input and capitalize on individual strengths. Encourage your recruiters and sales managers to communicate, cooperate and form positive working relationships with each other. When setting team goals in areas such as social media, lead generation and brand building, you must make sure that the objectives are well-defined. In order to achieve a return on your investment, you need to establish realistic goals for your staffing firm.

Goal Setting
Every team needs a solid plan, and the best plans are made up of measureable goals. In order to be successful, each goal needs to be clearly stated and communicated to your team. Work together with your team to create realistic objectives and attainable deadlines. Make note of any potential difficulties or challenges that your team may face, and assess available tools and resources to help them address them. Is your team going to need additional training in order to meet the established goals? Get ahead of the game by breaking down potential barriers to success before they become a problem.

Social Media
Are you taking advantage of social media platforms, or did you set up company profiles and then sat back waiting for magic to happen? Have you taken the time to assess your current online analytics and create social media goals? Social media is an invaluable tool that allows businesses to engage with target audiences each and every day, so be sure to establish realistic goals for your staffing firm. Devise a comprehensive social media strategy that enables your team to effectively communicate with and will help you recruit new talent. When setting outreach goals, work closely with your Social Media Manager and don’t assume that you know more than the experts. Consider budgetary commitments and staff availability before creating online visibility and outreach goals.

Lead Generation and Nurturing
Your clients expect you to send them highly qualified candidates, and you are proud of your ability to fill those vacancies in a timely manner. A well-filled talent pool is an essential requirement when looking to finalize placements and satisfy clients. Develop a protocol that clearly lists the company’s lead generation and nurturing expectations. Hold your team accountable to these timelines and have regular meetings to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Reinforce the idea that quality is far more important than quantity. One perfectly-suited applicant is far better than ten candidates who do not fit into your client’s company culture.

Brand Building
Your brand is a testament to the level of satisfaction shown by your clients and candidates. It also demonstrates what kind of an employer you are in comparison to your competition. In order to effectively boost your brand, establish realistic goals for your staffing firm that cover areas such as SEO and work environment rankings. Collect baseline data on your current online brand visibility and carefully craft deadlines to raise those rankings. Monitor sites such as Glassdoor and immediately respond to any online comments or concerns. Build your brand by demonstrating how much you appreciate the feedback from your clients, candidates and team members. Keep in mind that consistency is the key to effective brand building efforts and a productive company culture.

Reward Your Team
Clear communication is required when establishing team goals and meeting deadlines. Hold regular meetings and check in with team members periodically to provide focus and eliminate confusion. Bring in extra resources as necessary and gain team buy-in with a staff recognition program. Encourage cooperative efforts by implementing a team reward when exemplary results are achieved. In other words, once you establish realistic goals for your staffing firm, give your team initiatives to embrace them and acknowledge hard work and positive results.

Key Takeaways for Establishing Staffing Firm Team Goals:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Create realistic objectives and attainable deadlines
  2. Devise a comprehensive social media strategy that includes outreach and engagement goals
  3. Develop a protocol that clearly lists your lead generation and nurturing expectations
  4. Consistency is the key to effective brand building efforts
  5. Reward your team when goals are achieved

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