Establishing a Trusted Staffing Firm BrandAs Steve Forbes aptly said, your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business. That being said, a strong reputation is what differentiates a staffing firm from its competitors and is what brings in more business. When your organization is known for delivering exceptional service to your candidates and clients, then your market share grows. Your brand is your single greatest asset and contacting your audience without it is an uphill battle. Below, we provide some tips on how to establish your staffing firm brand and convince your audience to work with you.

Define Your Firm
The success of your branding strategy is tied to the understanding you have of your company. Do you know what your company goals and objectives are? What is your plan to get there? Does your team have the right mindset and capabilities to meet expectations? How would you define your company culture? Who is your target audience? Are you reaching out to them? Knowing the answers to questions like these is essential in putting together a plan to establish your staffing firm brand. Everything starts with the way you see your organization. Keep in mind that everyone in your organization needs to be on the same page and they must be able to state who your company is.

Determine Your Strengths
What differentiates your company from the rest of the competition is key to developing your brand. What is it that you do better than others? What value does your team bring to the table that no one else out there can meet? Why should candidates and clients work with you instead of other staffing firms? Do your recruiters go the extra mile to make sure that they deliver the highest level of service? Get together with your team to determine what you do best and use it as foundation to establish your staffing firm brand. Stand out from competitors by putting your strengths in the center of your branding efforts.

Spread the Word
Once you have a clear understanding of what defines your company and you determine the factors that differentiate your firm, you need to communicate your message to your market. Create fresh content and use every available channel to share it with your audience. Employ your social media platforms to attract visitors to your website, and develop relationships with your target audience. Start blogging to engage with them and build brand loyalty. Create branding awareness and recognition, and establish your staffing firm brand by building email campaigns that are targeted to the crowd you want to penetrate. Take advantage of ways to show the value your organization brings to the table.

Get Everyone Onboard
Every effort to establish your staffing firm brand is going to be fruitless if your team is not actively involved. Your sales managers and recruiters are the front line of your company and the first ones to interact with clients and candidates. Do they portray your brand in the best possible way? Are they going the extra mile to meet expectations and build brand awareness? Sit down with your team to ensure they communicate your message across the way you want. Listen to their input and concerns as they are going to be your brand ambassadors and discuss ways to overcome challenges. It is crucial that they are on the same page with your marketing strategy.

Measure Success
A great way to know whether your plan to establish your staffing firm brand works is to measure the success of your actions. Keep an eye on your social media analytics to see if your audience receives your message the way you anticipate. Create surveys and invite clients and candidates to provide feedback on your branding efforts. Hold regular meetings with your team to evaluate your brand penetration in the market, and ensure that they deliver the highest level of service to your audience. In other words, stay on top of your staffing firm branding initiatives to see what works and what can be duplicated, as well as what needs to be fixed or changed.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Establishing a Trusted Staffing Firm Brand:

  1. Define your objectives and goals to understand how to brand your company
  2. Determine what differentiates from the competition to build your branding plan
  3. Use every channel you can to establish your staffing firm brand
  4. Make sure your team is invested in your staffing firm brand
  5. Always measure the success of your branding efforts

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