staffing firm brandWhat does your staffing firm stand for? Has your team earned the respect of your competitors? Are you a point of reference for prospective clients and candidates? Do you have new traffic visiting your website every month, and has this interest resulted in a strong SEO ranking? In order to boost your staffing firm brand and build up a loyal following, you need to establish yourself as a thought leader within your niche of the industry.

One Step Ahead
Thought leaders are trend setters, and they are always a step ahead of their competitors. One of the best ways to stay on top of current issues and anticipate trends is to monitor popular forums and record recurring questions. Follow influential industry professionals on their social media profiles, and see what clients and candidates are interested in. Work with a market research company in order to take advantage of the data available through predictive analytics. If there are regulatory issues that impact your niche, be sure to keep an eye on important bills as they make their way through the legislature.

Content Counts
Drawing traffic to your site by posting high-quality, informative content is a great way to boost your staffing firm brand and establish yourself as a thought leader within the industry. Create an editorial calendar that includes content such as blog topics, repurposed articles, podcasts, and interactive webinars. Ensure that you are covering trending issues by closely following online forums and participating in group discussions. Promote your content through your social media profiles and carefully track your website analytics. If your staffing firm’s content marketing efforts are on target, your SEO ranking is sure to increase as a result.

Social Media Opportunities
Without engagement, you have no chance of connecting with your target audience and establishing your staffing firm as a thought leader. Regular outreach with potential clients and candidates is necessary in order to boost your staffing firm brand and build a relationship with your target audience. Meet with your recruiting and sales teams and remind them of the importance of interacting on your staffing firm’s social media profiles. By sharing your posts with their personal networks and responding to posed questions, your team is helping to create trust and confidence in your brand.

Tradeshow Participation
Looking for new ways to make your staffing firm stand out above the competition? Present at an industry conference or lead a roundtable discussion event. Unable to coordinate travel plans for that last minute tradeshow? Go high-tech and broadcast your presentation over the Internet to a remote audience. Encourage networking by hosting a breakout session and take the opportunity to distribute insightful, original collateral. Conduct a survey among tradeshow attendees, and ask for their thoughts on important issues. Compile the information into a whitepaper for use in future marketing efforts. Never hesitate to embrace every opportunity to present your knowledge and establish your staffing firm as a thought leader.

What’s Your Story?
Storytelling is another great way to boost your staffing firm brand and establish your company as a thought leader. Connect with followers by telling potential clients and candidates about your team and allowing them to get a sneak peek into your company culture. Personalize your social media posts and blog articles in order to draw new traffic to your website and remember to encourage them to follow your social media profiles. Be genuine when presenting your staffing firm’s story in order to build trust and promote a sense of teamwork.

Key Takeaways for Establish Your Staffing Firm as a Thought Leader:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by monitoring industry trends
  2. Distribute helpful, insightful content
  3. Engage with your target audience over social media
  4. Embrace every opportunity to present your knowledge
  5. Connect with followers by telling potential clients and candidates about your team

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