Attending trade shows and career fairs are major parts of the marketing strategy for many staffing firms. ROIUnfortunately, trade shows and career fairs also demand a substantial portion of the marketing budget. Attendance fees, travel expenses for your team, and shipping fees for your booth all add up quickly, so in order to ensure you have the best return on your investment (ROI), it is essential that your trade show booth draws in your target audience and gives you the opportunity to convert them into qualified leads. Consider these important components of trade show booth design to make the most out of that upcoming career fair or trade show.

Measure Twice, Cut Once
The old adage still rings true today; careful planning is essential when designing your exhibit booth. Compile information on the size of typical trade show booth spaces and make sure the booth you design is going to fit comfortably within the area allocated without appearing overcrowded. Incorporate open space or lounge areas within your exhibit area to encourage visitors. Ensure that the various aspects of your booth fit together in an organized way and flow naturally as attendees move through your space.

Easy on the Eye
When designing your staffing firm’s exhibit space, remember that visual appeal is the most important component of trade show booth design. Your target audience must be intrigued enough by your display to approach your team and initiate a conversation about your services, but be sure to not overwhelm people with too many distracting images. Incorporate your logo into the design and wrap the booth in complimentary colors to set the mood you are trying to create. Feature graphics from your promotional materials to help carry through a consistent branding image. Don’t forget to include proper lighting fixtures to illuminate the space and help highlight a focal point in your exhibit booth.

Go Green
Design your exhibit booth with the environment in mind. Use recycled materials such as bamboo plywood, LED lights and eco glass in your display to show attendees that you are focused on sustainable practices. Hand out biodegradable badge holders and lanyards. Print banners and badges with eco-solvent, plant-based inks. Make use of digital kiosks to explain your staffing firm’s branding message and services rather than handing out printed flyers and brochures.

Get Interactive
Technology is an inviting component of trade show booth design that piques people’s interest and draws them into your exhibit space. Interactive kiosks, multimedia displays and video testimonials are great ways to prompt conversations and lead to increased attendee engagement. Introduce gamification into your marketing plan and reward attendees for tweeting about your booth or featuring your staffing firm in one of their social media posts. Encourage visitors to like your Facebook page or follow your company’s Twitter or LinkedIn profile.

Promote Yourself
People like to get things for free, but make sure the items you hand out are promoting your company’s services and brand message in a positive way. Print your firm’s logo on BPA-free water bottles to allow attendees to stay refreshed throughout the trade show and help to reduce the number of disposable plastic bottles used during the show. Reusable tote bags and USB drives provide value to the attendees and they promote your staffing firm in an environmentally friendly way.

Key Takeaways for Using Social Media to Drive Engagement:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Carefully design your exhibit booth to allow for open space and a natural flow of visitors through your space
  2. Make sure your booth is visually appealing and does not contain distracting images
  3. Show clients and candidates you are environmentally conscious by incorporating eco-friendly features into your exhibit booth
  4. Encourage user engagement by featuring technology in your exhibit booth space
  5. Promote your staffing firm by handing out useful items imprinted with your logo and branding message

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