Email Campaign AnalyticsLet’s face it, numbers don’t lie. Email marketing platforms rely on analytical data to show users how effective their campaigns are, so you must pay close attention to those numbers in order to make the most of your marketing budget. The secret to an effective email marketing campaign is planning out and formatting your message, selecting the correct list of recipients, and of course carefully tracking all analytical data available to your team.

Selection and Segregation
The first step in any email lead generation campaign must be a well-thought-out plan that is communicated to your entire team. Start by creating an editorial calendar that includes target dates for each part of your campaign. Remember to incorporate various stages that are tied together with a common theme and images so that readers form an association with your staffing firm brand each time they read your email. A critical part of the planning process is targeting the correct audience. Looking to add qualified leads to your mailing list? Purchase email lists from reputable market research sites, and always segregate your lists to make it easier to track your progress. Meet regularly with your team to make sure that you are hitting your deadlines.

Format Check
Before you send out your first message or upload your first list, you need to make sure that your emails are formatted for mobile. Given that the majority of users prefer to access their emails on the go, you need to make sure that your messages are mobile-friendly and have been tested on various types of devices. Messages that are difficult to read, take excessively long to load, or those requiring readers to scroll left and right to read will never result in a user clicking through to your website. In order to realize a return on your marketing investment, you need to factor mobile into your lead generation plans and always pay attention to your email campaign analytics.

Analytical Output
The analytical data generated within your email marketing platform is a source of invaluable information that must not be ignored. Begin every campaign by recording your baseline data so that you have something to compare to as your lead generation efforts progress. Regularly check your open rates, unsubscribe numbers, and changes in your click through values to determine whether your campaign is proving successful. What do those statistics tell you? Are you sending out messages too frequently, or not often enough? Do your messages tend to get trashed before they are even opened? Are recipients identifying with your message enough to click through to your website, or are they immediately deleting your email? In order to identify whether the problem lies with your subject line, your email message, or your target group, you need to carefully track your email campaign analytics.

Related Analytics
In addition to the email campaign analytics available in your email marketing platform, it is important to carefully track data on other online sites. Are your social media profiles seeing a spike that can be attributed to your email campaign? Does your Google Analytics data indicate which aspects of your lead generation campaign are proving to be successful? Do drop off rates show you where possible broken links are located on your website? Carefully analyze all real-time data available to you in order to identify where you need to make changes.

Key Takeaways to Email Campaign Analytics for the Win:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Carefully select your email lists and segregate them in order to better track your efforts
  2. Ensure that your messages are mobile-friendly
  3. Pay close attention to the analytical data available through your email marketing platform
  4. Don’t ignore related analytical data available to you on other online platforms

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