It’s safe to say that lead generation for staffing firms is a constant need. There are many different ways to discover leads and find potential new clients and consultants, some tactics being more popular today than they were before. In this blog, discover many effective ways to generate leads for staffing. Keep in mind that when we say lead generation, we are speaking of both client and candidate efforts.

Direct Engagement
As a staffing firm that is offering high-value services, you should frequently engage with potential clients and candidates regularly. Examples of direct engagement include social media, email, phone, and more. Networking is also a great opportunity to generate leads. Even in today’s climate during a global pandemic, networking is available through online resources as well as in-person events that are slowly beginning to open up again. Check out local groups on LinkedIn for individuals that you think would benefit from your specific staffing services. It’s important to continuously reach out and put your organization’s name in people’s minds. This is how great leads are made.lead generation for staffing firms

Social Media
In this day in age, it’s a guarantee that most people are on social media in one way or another. Many social media platforms serve as a great way to contact people, join relevant groups within your industry, and create targeted ads for your specific audience.

Ask Your Current Clients and Consultants for Referrals
In the history of your business, you probably have had clients and candidates that had a great experience with your services and employees. Something that benefits lead generation for staffing is referrals from those clients and candidates. Ask your current clients and consultants to share their experiences with their friends or colleagues that they think will benefit from your services. Word of mouth is a great way generate more leads, and your current client base can do exactly that.

Add Guest Blogs to Your Content Strategy
Blogging offers many benefits when it comes to lead generation for staffing firms. Have you considered including guest blogs in your content marketing strategy? Writing a guest blog from a reputable source in your industry allows your staffing firm to form new connections and generate more traffic from your target audience.

Distribute High-Value Content
Along with guest blogs, your site should also be filled with high-value content that showcases your staffing firm as an industry thought leader. It’s important to have this content on your site, but don’t just let it sit there. Get that information out there through social media posts, emails, and more. The more your target audience sees your content, they higher chance of generating leads.

SEO and SEMstaffing firm market research tools
As always, SEO and SEM remain on the list when it comes to lead generation. How does a staffing firm generate leads if their site doesn’t rank well in search engines? How do people find you? SEO and SEM are the answer and should be implemented on every page of your website.

Email Automation and Making it Personal
Email marketing has always been a great tool when it comes to lead generation for staffing firms. This is especially the case if those emails are personalized through automation. It’s been found that personalized emails generate up to six times higher revenue than non-personalized emails.

Host Educational Events or Webinars
Educational events and/or webinars that show your staffing firm as a thought leader is a great tactic to generate leads. It’s a great way to demonstrate your skills and services to your target audience.

Lead generation should be one of your biggest priorities when it comes to your marketing strategy. If you have any questions about your marketing strategy and lead generation for staffing firms, give us a call.

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