So, I guess my first question to everyone is what does staffing firm sales strategy success look like? Seems like an obvious question, but are you trying to drive new clients or are you trying to expand within clients? Are you trying to drive higher value business or are you trying to drive volume business? Success is different for every company and every sales team. I want to take a little different approach to our traditional blog articles and simply try and break it down in an easy to digest way.

staffing firm sales strategy
My big question to you for your firm is, what do you want the outcome of your sales teams’ performance to be? All of the answers are correct, but they are all specific to your business. Have you developed the key metrics that you need for your organization? By metrics, some people immediately go to meetings, reqs, calls, and fills. While those are key metrics, they are not entirely what I am talking about.

-Have you developed key target account plans for each of your sales people?
-Do you know who they are targeting specifically?
-Do you know what they are saying to those people when they reach them?
-How are you evaluating how they get into those target accounts?
-When they get into the account, how are you ensuring that they are crossing departments and not focusing on a single manager?
-Do you know what the hiring practices of each of your prospect companies are?
-Have you created a target penetration plan?
-Have you created an overall delivery plan for each client?
-Are you looking at the success of each account to determine areas of improvement?

A staffing firm sales strategy requires you to break it down and take nothing for granted. Inspect what you expect is the concept of… any expectation that is created, must also have a way to inspect it. The implication there is that if you’re going to bother to make an expectation, you must create a way to inspect success and failure. Don’t think you know the answers to these questions. Make sure you know the answers to these questions and your staffing firm S.J.Hemley Marketingsales strategy will be off to the races.

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