What makes potential clients and candidates click on your website as opposed to a competitor’s website? Every business owner wants their target audience to know the services their business provides and read the quality content they produce on their website. Every business owner knows that driving traffic to their website is key to increasing their brand awareness, gaining new leads and generating a return on investment. In order to be driving potential leads back to your website, you should be using these five key tools.

Social Sharing
Distribute useful content from your website, such as blog posts or news articles to your various social media sties. Follow industry leaders, clients, industry trade publications, just to name a few, in order to build your social media presence. Always continue to be active on social media and generate conversations. Sharing information on social media attracts an audience and therefore drives that target audience back to your website.

Company Blog
If your company doesn’t have a company blog, you should consider creating one. A blog is a great distribution channel for content that ultimately drives traffic back to your website. Blogs build your business’ credibility by allowing clients and potential clients to read useful content that you have created. Just as your website, blogs are another medium to build your search engine optimization results by adding keywords and backlinks, driving potential leads back to your website.

Increasing your search engine optimization results by keyword loading on your website cannot be stressed enough. Generate useful content through news and blog articles, but remember to weave at least a few keywords into your content per page. Use both regular keywords along with long-tail keywords to get you page ranked higher in search engine results. Be careful to not over-link pages within your site because your content then becomes difficult to read, causing visitors to turn away from your website.

Backlinks are links that connect two web pages together. For example, on your company blog you want to backlink a keyword to a page on your website that relates to that keyword. Backlinks are a great way to increase search engine optimization results because through each backlink it is demonstrating the sites popularity. Links are a key aspect of your website to remember when driving potential leads back to your website.

Keep your Website Updated
For repeat visitors, it is crucial to provide regular updates to your website. Conduct website audits at least once a week to be sure there are no broken links. Generate new and original content at least once a week. Visitors are coming to your website because you are sharing quality content that they won’t find elsewhere. However, once you stop giving your visitors what they are looking for, they move on to the next website that does give them what they are looking for.

Five Key Takeaways:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Share content through your company social media profiles
  2. A company blog is another distribution channel for content and another area to increase SEO
  3. Keyword load your website content to increase SEO results
  4. Backlinks drive candidates to other webpages
  5. Conduct website audits to ensure links and pages are working properly to retain visitors

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