Staffing Firm Tradeshow OpportunitiesBusiness is good right now, so why bother with the hassle of attending a tradeshow? After all is said and done, the planning and expense of exhibiting at a conference are going to require too much work. We aren’t big enough to compete on the tradeshow exhibit floor. How often have you or your co-workers said these same things? Don’t be short-sighted! While many professionals evaluate tradeshows for their immediate value, the real payoff must be viewed with long-term projections in mind. When you fully embrace the following staffing firm tradeshow opportunities, you are sure to realize a return on your marketing investment.

Your Booth Speaks Volumes
What does your booth say about your staffing firm? Are you communicating a sense of competence and experience in the staffing industry, or are visitors scratching their heads and wondering who you are and what you do? In order to encourage engagement with your target audience, make sure that your booth design is welcoming and not cluttered. Take a look at the information on your display. Is it clearly written and easy on the eye, or is it busy and difficult to follow? Remember that when attendees are walking through the aisles of the tradeshow floor, your booth needs to make a good first impression.

The Face of Your Staffing Firm
Now that your exhibit booth is updated and you have ensured that your brand message is being clearly delivered to attendees, it’s time to focus your attention on your booth staff. Who are you going to select to be the face of your business? Put your best foot forward by staffing your booth with qualified team members, or you may miss out on the chance to convert attendees into potential clients and candidates. Take the time to properly train booth staff and ensure that they are prepared to answer any questions posed to them. Select team members who are comfortable with networking, since lead generation tops the list of staffing firm tradeshow opportunities.

Storytelling with Collateral
The best staff and the most inviting booth space are sure to grab the attention of those on the exhibit floor, but what do attendees take with them when they leave? Your tradeshow collateral must be informative and up-to-date so that readers are compelled to reach out to your staffing firm after the show has ended. If your handouts are ending up in the nearest trash can, then you are wasting your money and not on track to deliver ROI from your tradeshow attendance. Carefully evaluate all of your tradeshow collateral to ensure that the information presented is relevant and accurate. Build your brand by distributing materials that help to establish the trust and credibility of your staffing firm services.

Don’t Forget Your Leads
Even the most promising leads are going to dry up if proper follow-up procedures are not initiated in a timely manner. Work with your team to develop a lead qualifying and nurturing initiative that includes timelines for outreach and follow-up. Make sure that your booth staff members are immediately feeding lead contact information to your sales and recruiting teams back in the office. A great way to facilitate accurate data transmission is with electronic badge scanners. By uploading contact information and important notes directly to your customer relationship management (CRM) program, you are able to realize staffing firm tradeshow opportunities through successful lead nurturing.

Tradeshow ROI
Are you realizing a return on your investment (ROI) each and every time you participate in a tradeshow? If not, then it’s time to evaluate why. Have you conducted market research and taken the time to fully understand the attendee demographics for each show? Are you adjusting your lead generation and nurturing efforts according to the demands of the event? Do you know what the projected expenses are for tradeshow attendance and session sponsorship? In order to ensure a successful and profitable experience, you must pay attention to your booth design, bring the right staff, distribute collateral that tells your staffing story and nurture your leads. The best way to guarantee ROI is to do your homework and minimize your risks.

Key Takeaways for Don’t Miss Out on Valuable Tradeshow Opportunities:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Evaluate your exhibit booth and make updates as needed
  2. Take the time to select and train the staff who are going to represent your business
  3. Ensure that your tradeshow collateral tells your staffing story
  4. Develop a lead nurturing plan and stick to your timeline
  5. Do your homework and minimize risks to guarantee ROI

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