Mobile MarketingSome feel that the mobile revolution is well-established and here to stay, and others would argue that it has only just begun. In either case, there is no excuse for any staffing firm to miss the mark by ignoring their mobile marketing efforts. Busy professionals are making the most out of their down time by checking personal and business email accounts as well as social media profiles during their commute, while on their lunch breaks, and in between business meetings. In order to remain viable and promote future growth, consider the following mobile marketing opportunities and be sure to integrate mobile marketing into your overall content marketing strategy.

Website Design
In order to fully realize your mobile marketing opportunities, you need to first make sure that your website is mobile. Prospective clients and candidates are looking for sites that they are able to access on their mobile phones and tablets, and responsive design is an integral part of guaranteeing that visitors are not turned off by incompatible page layouts and formatting issues. If your website has limitations such as tiny fonts, large images, excessively long videos, and landing pages that require users to scroll back and forth just to read the text, expect high drop off rates and a lower SEO ranking. The bottom line is that users need to be able to find you in order to relate to your brand and hopefully sign on with your staffing firm. Since April 2015, search engines are rewarding responsive sites by placing them higher in mobile-initiated search results, a responsive site is an absolute must.

Optimized Email Marketing Efforts
Greater numbers of email messages are being opened on mobile devices every day, and the likelihood of a user clicking through to your website and acting on a call-to-action depends upon whether your email format and landing pages are mobile. Manage your email campaigns through an email marketing platform to ensure that your messages are formatted correctly for every device and that the user experience is constant across all channels. Mobile-friendly messages that are properly formatted enable professionals to access their email messages on the go and ultimately increase your read rate over traditional email marketing campaigns.

Mobile Recruiting
Keep in mind that the most serious job seekers are ready to apply for a position at a moment’s notice, so appeal to that spontaneity by ensuring that candidates are able to apply via their mobile devices. Minimize the amount of information that is required, and design an easy-to-use data entry screen. Create a mobile app to integrate your branding efforts and take away some of the pain of searching for and applying for open positions. Secure the most qualified talent by allowing them to quickly upload their resumes and seamlessly capture their pertinent data with an integrated ATS. Consider partnering with an advanced applicant-tracking system that allows the candidate to parse through their social media profiles when creating a profile and detailing their background and employment history.

The ROI of Mobile
Mobile marketing opportunities represent a way for your staffing firm to make the most of your marketing budget and increase ROI. Ensuring that your website and email campaigns are mobile increases your chances of attracting the attention of talented candidates and converting leads into new business. Mobile marketing efforts are more economical than direct marketing tactics, thus allowing you to stretch your budget further and achieve better results.

Brand Building through Mobile Feedback
Remember that your new mobile site is able to do double duty. While you are adding to your talent pool, you also need to make sure to build your brand. Ask for user feedback and be responsive to your target audience’s comments and concerns. Come up with ways to deliver exceptional customer service and add functionality to your new platform by integrating timecards and mileage reimbursement forms. Engage your users by asking them to rate you and encourage them to post their feedback on sites such as Glassdoor.

Key Takeaways to Don’t Miss Out on these Mobile Marketing Opportunities: S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Make sure that your website is mobile to increase engagement and your SEO ranking
  2. Increase your read rate over traditional email marketing campaigns by utilizing mobile formatting
  3. Create a website that includes mobile and integrate your ATS to allow for a quick and easy application process
  4. Adopt mobile marketing campaign to make the most of your marketing budget and increase ROI
  5. Build your brand by asking for feedback and being responsive to your target audience

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