Lead GenerationWithout generating and nurturing leads, staffing firms would be forced to close their doors. Aside from the obvious networking events and trade show participation, lead generation requires staffing firms to learn as much as possible about their target market and actively work to attract the attention of their audience. Monitor your social media profiles and use them to promote updated calls-to-action. In order to bring new visitors to your website and attract potential clients and candidates, you must produce high-quality content and follow these staffing firm lead generation tips.

It Takes a Village
Staffing firm lead generation requires lots of help at many different levels. The front lines of lead generation are obviously your sales and recruiting staff, so it is important to invest the time and energy into setting goals and running training programs. Build up a dedicated group and reward their loyalty by implementing a recognition program for your staffing firm. Keep in mind that the tone is set by your top managers and officers, so be sure to create lead generation protocols for your entire team. Reinforce a positive message throughout your staffing firm by promoting team-building activities and holding everyone accountable for their actions.

Understand Your Audience
You could ask any member of your recruiting or sales teams and they would be able to tell you that your target audience consists of candidates and clients. They hopefully should also be able to tell you which specific types of candidates you are searching for and define your specialty niche within the industry. To truly understand your audience, it is necessary to conduct market research and investigate who and where your market truly exists. Instead of randomly soliciting everyone, take the time to identify the real decision makers. Learn what they are truly looking for, rather than inundating them with resumes for professionals who do not meet their needs. Use this information to sharpen your marketing message and build your brand.

Promote Your Blog
A company blog is one of the best ways to generate leads and stimulate interest in your staffing firm. Create an editorial calendar and fill it with blog article topics that provide value to your target market. By maintaining a consistent posting schedule and promoting the articles through your social media platforms, you are going to notice a boost in your SEO ranking and increased staffing firm lead generation opportunities.

Update your Calls-to-Action
Don’t get complacent with stale calls-to-action. If leads have dropped off recently and the interest isn’t apparent anymore, be sure to shake things up with a new call-to-action. Conduct market research to determine what issues are important to your target audience, and design offers to address those areas. Update your calls-to-action on a regular basis and work with your marketing team to announce and promote the new offers. Experiment with A/B tests to determine which design elements and language resonate with your audience, and adjust future promotions accordingly.

Become Mobile
The bottom line is that you need to produce valuable content on a regular basis, but what good is that new content if it is not in a mobile-friendly format? Don’t turn away a huge portion of your audience by failing to ensure that the information is easy for today’s professionals to review as they are on the go. Integrate your ATS with your website and maintain your job listings to ensure that the postings are up-to-date. All of your staffing firm lead generation efforts are worthless if your website is not optimized for mobile, so be sure to take the time to lay the proper groundwork and your landing pages are accessible for all mobile devices.

Key Takeaways for Don’t Ignore These Lead Generation Tips:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Build your team up and support them with the proper training and recognition programs
  2. Conduct market research to better understand your target audience and identify the true decision makers
  3. Create regular blog articles and promote them through your social media profiles
  4. Redesign your calls-to-action and experiment with different formatting options to measure response rates
  5. Optimize your website for mobile in order to attract the attention of on-the-go professionals

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