Lead Pipeline

Who is getting sales and recruiting leads? Where do they come from? Are your sales and recruiting teams working together to nurture leads and realize new business? Have your marketing efforts resulted in an elevated return on your investment (ROI)? In order to remain viable, the key is to remember that not every hiring manager out there has immediate open opportunities, and not every candidate is currently looking for a position. All members of your staffing firm must work together to maintain contact with potential clients and to build up a strong talent pool. If you are looking to achieve sustained growth, your staffing firm marketing strategy must prioritize your lead pipeline activities.

Comprehensive Plan
Lead generation requires a dedicated team and a well-thought-out plan. Create a comprehensive staffing firm marketing strategy that ties together all facets of your business and prioritizes your lead pipeline. Carefully select the lead generation tactics that you are going to use, and remember to integrate both inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Sales and marketing must work together to ensure that your goals and objectives remain focused on communicating with your target audience, building your brand, establishing your staffing firm as an industry influencer, and tracking your progress.

Effective Communication
The accessibility of the internet and the wealth of information available online has made it even easier for people to conduct their own market research. It is up to you to paint a clear and accurate picture of your staffing services, and that starts by making sure that your staffing firm website is optimized and easy-to-use. Search engines favor sites that are responsive to mobile devices, so in order to attract new traffic and effectively communicate with your target audience, you must work with a designer to optimize your site and ensure that all pages are working according to your expectations. Position your staffing firm to succeed by regularly posting insightful content. Actively monitor your social media profiles in order to open up the lines of communication and create a dialogue with potential clients and candidates.

Build Your Brand
It is not realistic to expect leads to fall into your lap. Lead nurturing is required to build up trust between your staffing firm and a potential client or candidate. Brand building is an essential part of establishing your firm within the industry and attracting the attention of top companies and talent. Your staffing firm marketing strategy must include efforts aimed at creating brand awareness in order to ensure that yours is the first phone number they call. Set timelines and goals tied to specific brand building campaigns, and hold your sales and marketing teams accountable if they don’t achieve them.

Be an Industry Influencer
Getting your word out to the masses is especially challenging if you fail to properly position your staffing firm as an industry influencer. Join industry forums and actively participate in online conversations. Keep in mind that there is a fine line between establishing your staffing firm as an industry influencer and all out self-promotion. Be sure to not just toot your own horn. Rather, always try to answer questions, provide industry insights and distribute clear and concise information. Conduct market research to determine high-interest topics, and tie in your content marketing efforts by posting blog articles, eBooks and case studies that provide value to your target audience.

Track Your Progress
In order to generate leads, you need to pique the interest of your target audience so that they are encouraged to contact your staffing firm. Whether they fill out a form on a website landing page, respond to an email campaign, subscribe to your company blog, or sign up at your tradeshow booth, they all need to be filtered into your lead pipeline. Establish a lead nurturing protocol, and hold your sales and recruiting teams accountable if they do not hit assigned deadlines. Track all potential leads, from the earliest stages until they are either converted into new business or they fall out of your pipeline. Consider utilizing an automated CRM to help manage sales opportunities, and follow the progress of potential prospects. Carefully analyze the data, and update your lead generation strategies or nurturing protocol if you are failing to achieve your lead conversion goals.

Key Takeaways for Does Your Marketing Strategy Prioritize Your Lead Pipeline: S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Create a comprehensive staffing firm marketing strategy
  2. Optimize your website and actively engage your audience through your social media profiles
  3. Create brand awareness in order to attract the attention of top companies and talent
  4. Position your staffing firm as an industry influencer by joining industry forums and participating in online conversations
  5. Track all potential leads and consider utilizing an automated CRM to help manage sales opportunities

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