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Do you think that you know all there is to know about analytical data? Are you using market research to uncover trends in your niche of the staffing industry? Have you recently met with your recruiting team to discuss your firm’s time-to-fill statistics? Are clients satisfied with your placement rates? If you cannot answer these questions, then it is safe to say that you do not have a firm grasp of your staffing firm analytical data. No matter how big or small your company is, it is imperative that you use the data available to you as a way to improve your recruitment strategies.

Know Your Data
Staffing firm analytical data must be the basis of your business decisions, so it only makes sense that you fully understand all of the analytics that are available. Historical data from past campaigns offers a valuable frame of reference for both what has worked and where your efforts have not succeeded. Which marketing decisions have the potential to guarantee positive growth for your staffing firm? Conduct market research in order to uncover predictive analytics that highlight future trends within your niche of the staffing industry.

Job Boards
Are you posting your open positions on job sites such as Monster and Indeed? If so, are you taking advantage of their analytics programs that are running behind the scenes? When recruiting sites take the time to add analytical functionality to their platforms, you need to pay attention to their customized reports and make adjustments as needed. Some recruitment sites even offer a cloud-based analytics platform in order to help you establish goals in your recruitment strategy and make long-term decisions.

Social Media
How many followers do you have on your social media profiles? What types of posted content result in the greatest amount of user engagement? Are there certain times of the day when your followers are more responsive to your posts? Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn have incorporated analytical data into their applications and if you are not referring to it often, you are missing out on valuable feedback. Statistics on your organic reach and engagement are readily available to you. Are you running a paid campaign on one of your profiles? Take advantage of their targeted advertising statistics to ensure that you are reaching your ideal demographic and achieving ROI.

Lead Generation
Are you able to identify peaks and valleys in your hiring cycle? Use this data to your advantage and strategically plan campaigns that help boost your lead generation efforts and fill your talent pool. Meet regularly with your sales and recruiting teams to determine if you are successfully hitting your target deadlines and nurturing leads in a timely manner. Have your lead follow-up efforts resulted in new business for your staffing firm? Rely on staffing firm analytical data to adjust your lead generation goals and be sure to discuss these new timelines with your staff in order realize a return on your marketing investment.

Website SEO
How is your website performing? Did your investment into creating a responsive site pay off? An invaluable form of staffing firm analytical data is linked directly to your company’s website, and it demands your attention. If you are wondering how your website holds up in comparison to your competition, carefully track your online ranking by conducting regular searches. Is it time to make adjustments to your keywords? Do you regularly post original, informative content to draw the attention of your target audience? If your SEO is slipping, get to the heart of the matter by determining why visitors are dropping off of your landing pages.

Key Takeaways for Do You Value Your Staffing Firm Analytical Data?:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Get to know your staffing firm analytical data
  2. Track the data from job board sites to make decisions regarding available positions
  3. Rely on social media analytics feedback to tailor your online posting habits
  4. Make use of analytical data to identify peaks and valleys in your hiring cycle
  5. Carefully track your online ranking by conducting regular searches

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