Staffing Firm Blogging StrategyTo blog or not to blog? Do you have a company blog, and are you using it to its full potential? Blogging is all the rage in the marketing industry, but how do you know what constitutes an effective blog article? Are you achieving your goals, or are you simply churning out article after article? How do you know whether your efforts are proving effective? Without a solid staffing firm blogging strategy, the answers to the above questions are vague at best.

Should you, or Shouldn’t You Blog?
Without a doubt, the answer to this question is always yes. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your staffing firm website and generate leads is to create a blog and regularly post informative articles. Blogs help to increase your SEO ranking, personalize your brand and promote your services. Insightful articles also help to establish your staffing firm as a thought leader and build a sense of trust in your team’s abilities.

Let’s Get Started
Now that we have established that a blog is essential to the viability of your staffing firm, where do you begin? The first thing to remember is that any project worth doing is worth doing the right way. Lay the proper groundwork by developing a comprehensive staffing firm blogging strategy. Determine which overall categories are going to best showcase your services, and incorporate those topics into each weekly article. Create an editorial calendar and designate a specific topic to feature each week. Make use of market research to determine what your target audience is interested in and monitor online forums and social media to see what questions need to be answered. In order to initially attract visitors to your website and have them return in the future, you must generate quality content and promote it well.

Generate Interest
Where is your target audience, and what types of communications are going to best attract their attention? Are they active on social media, and if so, which platforms encompass most of their time? Do they tend to respond well to email marketing campaigns, or does market research show that this is not the way to go? Drive traffic to your staffing firm website by creating well-written articles that contain industry-specific keywords. Promote your blog across all of your social media profiles and be sure to post links in relevant online forums and LinkedIn groups. Encourage your team to share the article with their personal networks and email your blog article to those who have subscribed. Always attempt to engage readers in online conversations when they reach out with a question or when they show interest in your article by liking or sharing it with their friends.

Get Down to Business
Now that you have their attention, it’s time to get down to business and generate viable leads. Increase your blog’s ROI by placing a “Contact Us” button in each article and integrating effective calls-to-action into the header or sidebar of the page layout. Increase your potential lead pool by providing readers with easy-to-use social sharing buttons at the beginning or end of every article. Prioritize leads as they enter your pipeline, and assign members of your team to nurture those potential clients or candidates who are not quite ready to sign on with a new staffing firm.

Track Everything
Since the obvious goal of your blog is to build relationships with potential clients and candidates, analytics are the best indicator of success with regard to your staffing firm blogging strategy. Get familiar with Google Analytics and carefully monitor any peaks and valleys in your website traffic. Use the information to better understand where new visitors are arriving from, and invest time into building up your presence on those sites. Track comments on your social media posts and keep an eye on the activity and insights available through each social media channel. Ensure that your team is meeting your established lead generation goals by contacting those who follow your staffing firm profiles or those who reach out to your team directly. Design future marketing campaigns around this information, and always determine marketing ROI by referring to analytical data.

Key Takeaways to Do You Have a Solid Staffing Firm Blogging Strategy:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Work with your team to create a company blog in order to establish your staffing firm as a thought leader
  2. Develop a comprehensive staffing firm blogging strategy and establish achievable goals
  3. Drive traffic to your staffing firm website and promote your blog across all viable channels
  4. Get down to business and generate viable leads
  5. Analytics are the best indicator of success with regard to your staffing firm blogging strategy

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