Digital marketing is vital to your business. There are so many aspects that make up a great digital marketing strategy, but how can it be applied to your brand? Your brand is the face of your staffing firm, and it must be promoted effectively. An easy way to feature your brand simply is through social media. Not just posting on social media, but utilizing the advertisement function. In this article, find everything you need to know about social media advertisements as it applies to your staffing firm brand.

Social Media Advertisements and Your Brand
Social media advertisements are a great way to extend your brand and messaging to a targeted audience. It’s a big step going from organic posting to paying for more outreach. We are here to assure you that paying for social media advertisements is well worth the money. The outcome gained from targeted outreach is guaranteed to get you the business results that you want and need.

There are different ways to utilize social media advertisements depending on the platform you choose to use. In the staffing industry, LinkedIn is a great platform with an ideal target audience; however, you shouldn’t rule out all of the other social media platforms. Before choosing where to place your ads, ask yourself which platform is the most popular with your target audience. This is the ultimate deciding factor because choosing the best platform for your business gives you the best results. Once you’ve decided with social platform(s) to continue you advertisements with, it’s time to get started.

social media advertisements

Facebook Ads
There are many different types of advertisements to use with Facebook that allow you to feature your staffing firm brand. Facebook offers photo ads, which works really well if you are promoting a product or a graphic designed for your brand. With the photo, you are also able to include a limited amount of characters, a link back to your site, and a call-to-action button. A photo ad is created through your Facebook Business Manager on your account, or by simply clicking the “promote” button on an image post. The same concept is also used for video posts. Videos are another option to creatively draw in your target audience. Keeping with the image and video theme with advertisements, Facebook allows for carousel ads where you are able to promote multiple products or services through an interactive story.

LinkedIn Ads
As we all know, LinkedIn is a professional platform that is very business oriented. LinkedIn offers social media advertisements in the form of sponsored content. These posts appear on user’s newsfeed and are great for placing your branded content in front of a large audience. You also have the option of targeting your ads, so that they are viewed by a specific audience. LinkedIn also offers InMail marketing ads, which sends direct LinkedIn messages to users while they are actively on the site. This gives a great opportunity of talking to leads in real time.

Twitter Ads
Twitter offers two different ways for your staffing firm brand to create social media advertisements. One way is that Twitter has the ability to automatically promote tweets for you. Another way is that you are able to make your own Twitter campaign based on what you want to promote. Twitter ad campaigns are very similar to Facebook and LinkedIn sponsored content. You are also able to promote existing tweets.

Instagram AdsS.J.Hemley Marketing
Instagram is a great platform to use advertising if you are targeting a younger audience. This social media app is owned by Facebook, so a lot of it’s advertising features are very similar to those Facebook have to offer. Using photos, videos, carousels, and collections, you are able to promote your ads through the main Instagram newsfeed or on Instagram Stories. Social media advertisements on Instagram look like any regular post, except it says “Sponsored” in the corner. You even have the option of adding a call-to-action button.

Social media advertisements are a great addition to your digital marketing strategy as it applies to your brand. For more information on branding or building your social media presence, check out these blogs that outline a detailed guide for your strategies. If you have other questions about digital marketing for your brand, feel free to contact us.

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