Campaigns are about goals. Goals need to be established for every campaign whether they are client-oriented or candidate-oriented goals. Social media is no different. When developing staffing firm social media campaigns, we need to consider the audience, and our primary messaging. Social media allows extra creativity because it supports text, video, photos, memes, and etc.

In establishing our goals, you need to think about your desired outcome, the social media you are going to use and the assets you are gSocial Media Strategyoing to utilize. This blog focuses on a candidate driving referrals, new followers and applicants campaign in order to put this into perspective.

Assets and Messaging
In order to drive our goals, we need to have our messaging straight. If we are going to drive referrals, then we need to message the value we see in our candidate and consultant relationships and that there is no better source for a referral than them. You need to share a short snippet on the referral reward to gain their interest and drive them back to your site’s referral page with a form to complete.

In order to drive followers, you might use messaging around a cause that you are supporting with a $1 donation per new follower (for example). All of the messages should include a simple statement asking if they have checked out your available opportunities linking them back to your search jobs. A video testimonial from a consultant that is short and sweet saying how much they appreciate working with you and the fact that you have assisted their friends / colleagues through referrals is a great asset. A photo of actual consultants meeting in your office over coffee or a social event you hosted is another great asset. A meme also goes a long way these days. Support your staffing firm social media campaign with creative thoughts and messaging to get through the clutter.

Frequency of Posts
Social media is unlike other mediums like email because people do not get truly over burdened by the content. Email requires you to be careful how often you send, but social media allows greater frequency. Two messages in one day doesn’t make you a social media spammer. Set up a campaign timeline that goes for 4 weeks and the frequency you want to use each day. Try different times of day and try weekends as well to test out engagement rates.

Tracking Your Results
Having your baselines for your followers when the campaign begins, if you are attracting new followers in order to see the change from a follower campaign, is vital. The referral form allows you to track the referrals that come in. Create a campaign within your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to track what happens and also create a report to be able to pull the results.

If you create solid messaging, utilize assets, determine your goals, speak to your goals and are consistent in your frequency of posts, your staffing firm social media campaign results are going to be obvious. Good luck and time to join in on the conversation!S.J.Hemley Marketing

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