Staffing firms do not have the luxury of sitting back and waiting for new clients and candidates to search them out, so the need to constantly re-evaluate lead generation techniques is a huge priority.Lead Generation When not incorporated into an overall marketing plan, cold calls from your sales team are ineffective and there is only so much to be gained from networking efforts. The key is to craft a marketing plan that integrates these various elements into a lead generation campaign. In order to make conversations easier and open the lines of communication with potential clients and candidates, you must design a staffing firm lead generation campaign that generates a return on your investment (ROI).

Proper Planning is Essential
Laying the proper groundwork is essential to the success of your staffing firm lead generation efforts. When you design a staffing firm lead generation campaign, work with your team to come up with a theme and choose your images and content to highlight your ideas. Keep in mind that you need to keep the focus on your identified reasons for running the campaign. Do you need to locate qualified .net programmers for a particular client, or are you looking to strengthen your staffing firm’s talent pool in anticipation of opening a new satellite office? Has your sales team identified a need to bring on new clients, or are you trying to expand into a new vertical? Be sure to constantly refer back to your theme and use your creative concept to differentiate your staffing firm and attract the attention of potential candidates and clients.

Go Mobile
Staffing firm lead generation campaigns need to be effectively targeted to your identified audience in order to realize ROI. In today’s tech-savvy business world, mobile devices play a huge role in the lives of professionals, so it would be a huge mistake to ignore this marketing platform. Due to our increased reliance on mobile devices, a mobile strategy must be factored in as you design a staffing firm lead generation campaign. Encourage engagement by using a mobile-friendly format when presenting content online or in emails, and remember to be brief because people on the go typically have a very short attention span.

Work Together
Integrated efforts are always the best way to achieve your staffing firm lead generation goals. Tie in your website by directing clients and candidates to a specific landing page on your website and always measure the effectiveness of your lead generation campaign by tracking your website analytics. Ensure that your marketing theme is carried over on the landing page so that visitors are receiving the same message from your marketing collateral and your website. Don’t ignore the potential of email marketing campaigns, as this relatively inexpensive marketing medium is a great way to feed your lead generation campaigns.

The Importance of Tracking
Do you pay attention to real-time analytical data and work to nurture interested parties, or do you sit back and wait for a qualified lead to land on your desk? Make use of programs such as Google Analytics to see which initiatives are generating visitors, to measure ROI, and to track how quickly potential clients and candidates are converted into leads. Use this data to monitor fluctuations in your lead generation efforts and to make adjustments in the remaining stages of your campaign.

Manage Your Leads Effectively
Once the leads start coming in, it is essential that you have established a proper lead management protocol for your staffing firm. Make sure that your team is abiding by your expectations and following up on leads in a timely manner. When converting leads into business, consistency is important. Establish guidelines and long-term goals for nurturing leads. Guarantee that everyone is on the same page by clearly listing out all aspects of your lead management protocol and by holding your team accountable.

Key Takeaways for Designing Your Next Lead Generation Campaign:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Laying the proper groundwork is essential to the success of your staffing firm lead generation efforts
  2. Factor in a mobile strategy as you design your staffing firm lead generation campaign
  3. Integrate your marketing efforts to achieve your staffing firm lead generation goals
  4. Pay attention to real-time analytical data in order to nurture leads
  5. Clearly list all aspects of your lead management protocol and hold your team accountable

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