In order to stay competitive in today’s business world, staffing firms must constantly evaluate and refine their approaches to lead generation. Sales StrategyCreating a buzz about your staffing service is an essential part of developing a sales pipeline. Budget is definitely something to consider; however, a small budget does not rule out the possibility of a successful staffing firm lead generation campaign. Marketing firms are extremely capable of making the most out of any budget, so consult with the professionals to ensure a smooth campaign and tangible results. Keep the following criteria in mind as you create your next lead generation campaign.

Determine Your Approach

After you have identified your target audience, you must engage in some market research to determine which approach is going to result in the best ROI. Are your potential clients and candidates likely to be responsive to outbound marketing campaigns such as direct mailings, targeted letters or email marketing campaigns? Do your SEO results show that there is a high online interest in the staffing industry? If so, focus your attention on social media and other vehicles designed to bring that traffic back to your website. Advertising in industry-specific forums is another way to generate interest in your staffing firm. Consider using several forms of marketing in your lead generation campaign; however, you must remember to make use of tracking to qualify your marketing efforts.

Create a Strong Call to Action

The best marketing approach for a staffing firm lead generation campaign is to issue an appeal to your target audience. Determine what types of material are likely to generate a response from potential clients and candidates and individualize the marketing materials you send to each group. You must make it clear what you want your potential customers to do with the materials you are sending in order to create an interest in your staffing firm and encourage potential customers to reach out to your sales people. Get your sales team on board prior to the initiation of any lead generation campaign to ensure they are up-to-speed on the company message and goals.

Track Your Landing Pages

Once you have decided on your targeted calls to action, be sure to link to distinct landing pages on your website for each offer. Create lead generation forms on your website and make use of web analytics tools to track incoming traffic. The success of your marketing campaign cannot be measured without tracking and reliable data, so remember to assign customized web forms, URL addresses, and company contact information for each marketing campaign.

Present a Strong Offer

Use predictive analytics to determine what offer is likely to appeal to your target audience and provide them with something they perceive as valuable. Webinars, white papers, case studies, how-to video presentations, and downloadable eBooks are all great ways to attract potential clients and candidates and get them hooked on your services. Compelling marketing materials help to influence decisions and ultimately help the sales team to close contracts. Your sales people must be well versed in your staffing firm’s strengths to effectively communicate offers and convert leads into ROI.

Follow-Up and More Tracking

A successful staffing firm lead generation campaign generates sales leads and allows your sales team to use outbound marketing approaches to qualify and nurture the strongest leads. It is impossible to determine whether a marketing campaign has achieved its goals without an objective set of metrics. Analytics collected during and after the campaign allow you to see what is working and what aspects of your campaign need to be adjusted. Accurate tracking of your initiatives allows your staffing firm to quickly determine the effectiveness of your lead generation campaign and make decisions regarding future marketing efforts.

Five Staffing Firm Lead Generation Takeaways:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Create an integrated lead generation campaign that fits your budget and appeals to your target audience
  2. Provide strong, clear calls to action
  3. Create individualized landing pages for each marketing campaign to collect information from your potential consumers and track incoming traffic
  4. Make sure to offer something your target audience perceives as valuable in order to draw their attention
  5. Analytics are essential to determine the effectiveness of every lead generation campaign

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