A great marketing strategy and quality service translates into a successful staffing firm. Marketing StrategyBy supplying clients with qualified candidates, your team establishes your firm as an industry leader and builds brand loyalty. But, what are the efforts you used for prospect development or candidate acquisition? Which activities were positive and which did nothing? Start by analyzing your current strategy to see what worked well and which efforts weren’t as successful. Determine which campaigns resulted in the best return on your marketing investment and plan future campaigns with that data in mind. Create a successful marketing strategy by identifying your staffing firm’s target audience, removing their obstacles, respecting your clients and candidates and focusing on your strengths.

Get to Know Your Audience
If you are targeting the wrong audience, even the greatest marketing campaign is bound to fail. Market research is required to ensure that your message does not fall on deaf ears. What type of clients are you trying to attract? Which candidates fall into your staffing niche? What does your primary market truly look like, and is there a secondary market that you want to start pursuing? Get to know your audience by studying your demographics and understanding their needs. Arrange interviews with current clients and candidates to gain feedback about their experiences with your company. Consider hosting seminars for hiring managers and company executives to discuss newly passed hiring regulations or current challenges affecting their companies. Organize networking events for potential candidates who fall into your staffing firm’s target audience. Encourage your sales managers and recruiters to engage with the attendees to get a better feel for what is lacking in the industry. In order to expand your reach and grow your business, tailor your staffing firm marketing strategy to appeal to the wants and needs of your target audience.

Remove Their Pain
Now that you have researched your staffing firm’s target audience and know what makes them tick, figure out ways to alleviate their pain. Design your staffing firm marketing strategy to address the challenges faced by your clients and candidates on a daily basis. Show how your team is ideally suited to address their needs and solve their problems. Research your competitors and determine where their services fall short. Adjust your marketing efforts to address those areas so that clients and candidates feel that you are on their side. Bring them into the conversation and make them understand that they are not alone. Let them know that you have encountered similar problems before and that you are prepared to alleviate their stress.

In order to guarantee a successful staffing firm marketing strategy, you must build brand ambassadors from within. Treating everyone with the same level of respect ensures that your staffing firm is in turn valued by others within the industry. Show your team how much you rely on them by treating them with respect and training them to treat your clients and candidates in the same manner. Build your staffing firm brand by creating a company culture that is based on professionalism and respect.

Convert Candidates into Clients
By always treating others as you would like to be treated, you communicate to candidates that they are valued as much as you value your clients. Staffing firms must always keep in mind that the candidates you place with a client today have the potential to become the hiring managers of tomorrow. Nurture those relationships in order to ensure that candidates trust your organization and would be inclined to recommend you to their friends and co-workers. Market your staffing firm by remembering that a satisfied candidate translates to a satisfied client.

Focus on Your Strengths
Many staffing firms struggle with the idea of differentiation. How is my staffing firm different from my competitor when we are basically doing the same thing? Although your goal is to place candidates with clients, the way you go about doing that is what truly sets you apart from your competitors. Focus on your strengths and market what you do best. Don’t try to be everything to everyone; instead try to identify your staffing industry niche and be sure that your marketing strategy speaks to that specialization.

Key Takeaways for Staffing Firm Marketing Strategy Tips:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Get to know your audience by studying your demographics and understanding their needs
  2. Figure out ways to alleviate the pain experienced by your clients and candidates
  3. Treat everyone with the same level of respect to build brand loyalty
  4. Remember that the candidates have the potential to become future clients
  5. Focus on your strengths and market what you do best

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