Creating a Solid Marketing Strategy Success doesn’t just happen! It’s the outcome of a carefully thought out strategy that is put together and carried out with precision. Not having such a plan is like jumping off a plane without a parachute. We all know what the outcome of such an action is going to be. In order to grow a successful staffing firm, you need to adopt marketing initiatives that attract clients and candidates. Have you defined the right audience for your services? Do you know how to make the best use of your marketing budget? Do you keep making the same efforts that lead nowhere? Get the answers to questions like these and create a solid staffing firm marketing strategy for prospect development and candidate acquisition.

Know Who You Are Targeting
Do you know who your target audience is? How much do you really know about them? Have you done enough research to find out what their pains and needs are? Are you trying to penetrate a market that is not your niche? Identifying your audience and understanding their expectations is key in putting together a sound staffing firm marketing strategy. The biggest budget and the most expensive marketing campaigns are going to have no results if they target the wrong audience. Get together with your team and make it a priority to determine the right market for your services. Most companies think they know their audience, but as soon as they try and define them, they can’t.

Know Where You Stand
When you identify who the right target is for your staffing firm, you need to determine where you stand in the market in regards to that audience. Trying to be everything to everyone won’t get you far. Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Do you have the right resources to reach out to the desired audience? Does your staff have enough experience with this market segment, or do you need to train them? Is your website appealing to the crowd you want to attract, or do you need to redesign it and come up with fresh content? Do you have a media presence, or  is it time for a reboot? Talk about these issues with your team and ask for their input in building a staffing firm marketing strategy that serves your goals.

Differentiate Your Services
Once you know who to target and what your flaws and strengths are, you have to determine the services that you are going to offer. This means that you must identify the factors that differentiate your staffing firm from the rest out there. Avoid ambiguous statements and generalities about how great your company is. This is the moment to get to the bottom and define the value you bring to the table. Why should clients and candidates work with you instead of competition? How does your team differ in the way they work with prospects? Do you specialize in a field that other companies fall behind? Highlight these distinctions and incorporate them into your staffing firm marketing strategy message.

Determine How
Knowing your target audience, determining your strengths and weaknesses and differentiating your services are going to help you identify ways to deliver your message. Remember that the methods that you are going to use are an essential part of your staffing firm marketing strategy. This is where you must look into the actions you have to take to put the plan in practice. Do you have to invest more in email marketing campaigns with targeted email lists, or do you need to attend more tradeshows and conferences? Is your social media presence living up to your expectations, or do you need to put more effort into it?  Build your budget according to your goals, but leave room for flexibility in case you need to take more initiatives.

Stay On It
A very important thing to keep in mind is that a staffing firm marketing strategy is not a static plan. Simply putting it together doesn’t mean that your problems are solved. The most innovative ideas and the biggest marketing budget will have minimal results if you lose track of your strategy. It is more than crucial to stay on top of your efforts and evaluate the effectiveness of your actions every step of the way. Measure the engagement rate of your campaigns and monitor Google Analytics to have a clear view of traffic as your strategy is being unfolded. Don’t hesitate to ask applicants and clients for feedback and use it to make changes and focus energy on what works best.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Creating a Solid Marketing Strategy:

  1. Know who your audience is and how your services can meet their expectations
  2. Define your strengths and weaknesses and base your staffing firm marketing strategy on what you do best
  3. Determine what differentiates your staffing firm from competition and deliver your message accordingly
  4. Figure out ways to execute your plan based on your target audience and company strengths
  5. Stay on top of your marketing strategy to determine areas of improvement

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