Lead generation is all about getting people to notice your staffing firm. Lead GenerationWhen prospective clients and candidates are searching for recruiting services, does your firm stand out above your competition? Although traditional marketing tactics like print ads and directory listings still offer some promise, today’s lead generation efforts need to be truly focused on your ideal target audience and be generated on mediums most familiar to those individuals. Worried about your limited budget? Have no fear, lead generation efforts are still able to generate ROI without breaking your staffing firm’s budget. Check out these cost effective lead generation ideas.

Build Up Your Content
Content isn’t a baseball field, but in this case the same idea applies; if you build it, they will come. In order to drive visitors to your website and generate leads for your staffing firm, you need to post content that draws the attention of your target audience. Establish your staffing firm as a thought leader by producing webinars on topics that are important to potential candidates and clients. Use gated pages on your website to collect lead information in exchange for case studies and whitepapers. Adhere to an editorial calendar and publish blog articles on a regular basis to keep your content fresh and build a regular following.

Email Marketing Works
Email marketing campaigns are another example of cost effective lead generation. When you compare the low monthly fee for maintaining an online email marketing account to the benefit realized when you bring on a new client or place a candidate, the ROI of email marketing cannot be denied. Work with your team to design effective messaging and a strong lead nurturing protocol. New leads require timely follow-up in order to successfully travel through the lead pipeline and develop into new business for your staffing firm.

The Age of Technology
Times have changed, and technology offers tremendous opportunities for cost effective lead generation. Today’s millennials depend on mobile devices, so take advantage of their reliance on technology by regularly posting on your social media platforms. Build up a strong following on your staffing firm’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, and link back to your website’s blog page. Share repurposed articles in order to establish your firm as a thought leader. Participate in online forums that are focused on your niche of the staffing industry, and engage users in constructive conversations to build brand awareness and generate new leads.

Generate a Web Presence
In order to generate new leads for your staffing firm, you need to change your online outlook. Instead of sitting back and waiting to be found, you need to create a website that people are actively seeking out. It is essential that you create a web presence and position your site at the center of your staffing industry niche. Put yourself directly in the path of online visitors who are searching for information, by constantly evaluating and updating your keywords, optimizing your landing pages and boosting your SEO.

Key Takeaways for Cost Effective Lead Generation Ideas:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Post content that draws the attention of your target audience
  2. Make use of email marketing campaigns to generate cost effective leads
  3. Build up a strong following on your staffing firm’s social media platforms
  4. Create a web presence and position your site at the center of your staffing industry niche

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