You’ve heard the phrase “content is king”, which means your content marketing strategy means everything for your staffing firm. But, in this digital era, the content that draws both clients and prospects in is always changing. So, what kind of content is really king right now? This blog dives into what’s currently trending and some easy tactics to hit the ground running with content marketing for your staffing firm.

Blog, blog, blog!
Blogging is no new concept, but your approach to blogging may need an upgrade. What are you writing about? Are you highlighting current industry trends? Are they helpful to candidates and/or clients or prospects? How is your content providing value? If you’re not already, you want to become a leader in the staffing industry. This means you are the go-to guide for all things trending in the staffing world. You want people to come to you for news, advice, etc. and to be the one to solve their problems. This is what your blog is made for! Posting on a consistent basis about relevant, valuable topics grants you not only brand credibility, but leadership status in the staffing world as well.

content marketing for your staffing firm

Take Advantage of Infographics
It’s no secret that we as humans have a higher attention span when things are visually appealing, and research has further indicated that 65% of us are visual learners (Patenall, 2019). What does this mean for content marketing for your staffing firm? Take advantage of infographics! Paint a story for your audience in a quick, pretty snapshot. Sprinkle these across your site, in blog posts, or on social. Make sure these are branded, eye-catching, and to the point if you want to engage the best talent.

Create Interactive Content
Are you looking to kill two birds with one stone? We have the answer: interactive content. Creating content like quizzes, surveys, or polls helps your band in a multitude of ways. First, you’re creating an interesting, fun way for your audience to engage with your staffing firm which is interactive, meaning they are not passively consuming information you threw up on the web, but actively engaging in content that is more personalized and meaningful to them. This type of content provides your audience with custom results, and/or insight into a topic of interest.
Second, you’re gathering research on this audience which they may not even realize – thus, giving you more accurate data to utilize in the future. Furthermore, this gives you an idea of what this audience values, which allows you to tailor your content marketing for your staffing firm to include more of these topics.

Go Live!
Haven’t you always wanted to be on air? While video is also no new medium, the trend of live video is on the rise, and has the power to increase engagement for your staffing firm. Live stream your booth at a trade show or have a live Q&A with a technology expert! Encourage questions from the audience to boost interaction even further. This is another great way to prove yourself as a leader in the staffing industry, as you aren’t created scripted, edited content, but on-the-fly conversation.

Are you ready to make your content king? By utilizing some of these tips, you’re sure to gain higher engagement, stronger brand recognition, and gain leadership status in the staffing world. Do you have questions about other content marketing strategy best practices? Reach out to us and we’d love to chat!marketing strategy mistakes

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