As we look at the global impact of these current times, communication has become more challenging. Even though we have several digital outlets, it has proven to be difficult to keep up communication with others from a remote standpoint. A study was completed in the 1980s that discussed how many impressions a person needed to make in order to get through to their audience, and it was found that seven impressions were needed to get one successful interaction. This statistic tells us that with our various communication marketing efforts, the increase in quantity of available media also increases the amount of times we need to reach someone to gain a response. So, with all of the digital media at our fingertips, what is the most effective for successful interactions? In this blog, we will look into the medium of SMS texting in staffing and how it benefits your engagement strategy.

Personalized Candidate Communication
A study conducted by Meta HR Consultancy and found that 80% of applicants publicly share their experiences. This includes telling their friends and acquaintances in person or sharing their experiences through various social media platforms. In this instance, the type of communication used has a big impact as well as how and what was said to the applicant. It was found that personal touch has a positive impact when it comes to communicating with candidates. With current technology, we have the ability to personalize messages to various candidates. SMS texting in staffing is a great example of this.

texting in staffing

The truth is, candidates want a personal experience that is equal to the value they bring to your organization. It’s important that you never forget how much time a candidate spends applying to various positions. Owing them a certain level of respect through personalized communication accommodates that. Example of personalization in your recruiting text…1) Candidate name, I saw your Healthcare experience at XYZ Co., and at ABC Co and feel that your experience in Java development fits well with what my client is looking for. Do you have a minute to talk about Java role in a healthcare organization in Phoenix? 2) Candidate name, I wanted to follow up to let you know that I have submitted you to our client SMS Co in Phoenix. We are expecting feedback from the client and I will be following up with you to keep you in the loop. 3) Candidate name, it is the end of the week and I have pushed the manager a few times, but wanted to follow up with you to let you know that we should hear back shortly. I promise to stay in touch as we go through this process.

Your Brand Through Effective Communication
When it comes to your staffing firm, it’s important to remember that communication is your brand. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, branding is much more than your logo. Every day, there are communications occurring that either fortify or destruct your brand. Messaging in your brand is so important when it comes to recruiting candidates effectively.

How thorough, timely, and important is your message? The truth is, if a candidate is unhappy with the application process as a result of inadequate communication, they will not apply within your organization again as well as tell others not to apply at your organization. To avoid this, complete the application process with a text message and/or personalized email that thanks the candidate for applying, assures them you are reviewing their application, and specifies that if they are not a fit for the position you will reach out again with other open positions that may be more suited to them. This makes a much better impression than a simple “Thank You for Applying” at the end of an application. It is highly encouraged to utilize mediums such as texting in staffing or email and to take the extra time to personalize your “Thank You” for candidates.

What Does Effective Communication Look Like?
Effective communication is described by three simple words: consistent, expedient, and personalized. When I describe communication as consistent, I mean that your sales and recruiting staff need to know what you expect in their communication. Crafted messages are one way to handle this, but it’s important to educate your team on what those crafted messages mean so they can share it in real time with candidates. In recent times, we have seen an increase of texting clients and candidates, and it’s an effective way to reach out and get your message across. Candidates should know when their application is received, and if they are being considered. 80% of candidates who said they had a great experience completing an application received a thank you email from the employer immediately after submission, according to Talent Board. With this, consistency is key.

Expediency is another way to ensure effective communication. Many staffing firms believed that putting a “Thank you for applying” page after applying made the process more expedient; however, it also made it less consistent in it’s messaging and made it less personal. It has also been considered an automated response and as a result, it became a turn off for candidates. Employers should respond to candidates at all stages of the recruitment process within 24 hours. Remember that it’s a candidate market and that your desired candidate may be fielding other offers in the time you wait to make yours. Expedient and sincere messaging will increase your chances of recruiting success.texting in staffing

Lastly, your responses to candidates should be personalized. Don’t fall short on selling your brand with standard emails. Make all correspondence personalized by addressing candidates by name and referencing the position for which they applied. Adding a few pieces of personalized data to your messaging will not increase recruiting time and it will increase your efficiency. For instance, SMS text is successful in this instance because people are always using their phones. Because of texting’s immediacy, it has gained massive traction in marketing because of its high response rate.

Providing a positive candidate experience can improve your recruiting results in various ways. With effective communication, you will attract more applicants, you are able to compete for top talent, your quality of hire would improve, and you will increase brand awareness. If you have any questions about communication in your recruiting process, feel free to contact us.

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