In past blogs, we have briefly mentioned the importance of including a call-to-action in your marketing efforts; however, we never wrote a blog solely on this topic. That all changes today.

With that being said, what is a call-to-action (CTA)? According to Hubspot, a CTA is a part of a webpage, advertisement, or piece of content that encourages your audience to do something. CTA’s are very important in marketing and should never be overlooked. READ MORE to discover how a simple CTA helps reach your sales goal of gaining more leads.

staffing firm call-to-action

The Purpose of a Staffing Firm Call-to-Action
Your CTA is the general appeal to visitors or readers. It invites their response, which leads to conversions, revenue, business, and profit. Whenever you want a lead or user to respond to something or go to your website, you should include a CTA. Their main purpose is to grab the attention of your potential leads and convert them into clients or candidates. In literal terms, a CTA gets the visitor to take a specific action. As mentioned in a previous blog about email marketing campaigns, with no call-to-action your potential customer won’t know what to do next with the material you’ve put in front of them and more likely than not, they will hit the delete button. Strong CTA’s increase the amount of traffic to your website or potential customers contacting your company.

When it comes to digital marketing, CTA’s are used in many different ways. For instance, they are used as a button, a form, a pop-up, a blog, a sidebar, a statement through social sharing, and more. When choosing a format for your CTA, be sure to analyze what you are trying to achieve and choose the correct path based on that. The goal of any marketing campaign is to draw in your audience and convert them into clients or candidates, and a proper CTA is the best way to draw them in.

Staffing Firm Call to Action’s You Should Use
You should choose your CTA based on what you are trying to market. The goal is to use action phrases and to make that action very clear to the readers. Below are some examples of staffing firm call-to-action.

  • Sign Up
  • Apply Now
  • Search Jobs Now
  • Learn More
  • Read Now
  • Get Started
  • Register Today
  • Check it out
  • Join Us

It is a common misconception that “Contact Us Now” or “Contact Us Today” are good CTA’s, but this is not the case. It is not considered a strong staffing firm call-to-action because it’s not giving a good reason to contact you. Think about what you are offering your leads and choose an effective CTA from there.

When and Where to Use a CTA
As stated earlier, your staffing firm call-to-action should be included whenever you want the reader to do something or respond to a message. A CTA tells the reader what they should do and gives them the motivation to do so. The more people that act on your CTA, the more leads, and eventual new customers you get. A CTA should be included throughout your marketing campaigns, social media posts, blog posts, advertisements, emails, your website, and more.texting in staffing

A simple staffing firm call-to-action goes a long way in your marketing efforts. If you have any questions regarding CTA’s, feel free to contact us.

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