Email marketing is one of the greatest mediums to communicate with consumers. It is cost effective, a quick way to reach a large audience and as technology has evolved, email has become more accessible and more important. There is no question that email marketing is here to stay only question is how effective can we make your email marketing campaigns. With that said, effective email marketing campaigns are an important factor to driving traffic back to your company’s website and boost ROI.

Have an Offer
What is the purpose to your email marketing campaign? What are you offering? If you’re creating an email marketing campaign then you have services or a product to share with your target audience. With any marketing material, you need to provide value to your potential consumer to make them want to call your company or visit your website to ensure an effective email marketing campaign resulting in ROI.

Segment your Contacts
If you are providing an offer that is irrelevant to half of your email database, then don’t send it to those people. Receiving irrelevant information is a quick way to ensure that those people will then unsubscribe to your mailing list. Take the time to be sure that the offer you’re providing is relevant to all contacts within your database.

Strong Calls to Action
Having strong calls to action is a key aspect to successful marketing. With no call to action your potential customer won’t know what to do next with the material you’ve put in front of them and more likely than not, they will hit the delete button. Strong calls to action you will increase the amount of traffic to your website or potential customers contacting your company, just from the effective email marketing campaign you have sent them.

Link to Landing Pages
Once you have strong calls to action, provide landing pages for after your target audience has clicked on the link but before they arrive at the offer. This has been debated many times because this has been seen as too intrusive. However, the fact is, in business you need to get something to give something. An example of this is our company is offering our eBook through our website in order to drive traffic. However, in order to receive the eBook, you need to provide us with some information first. The landing page that you link to will be key to making your email marketing campaign effective.

Knowledge is Key
What email marketing service are you using? Is it an email marketing tool that provides you with analytics? If not, it should be. Knowing how many click throughs, how many bounces, how many opens are all crucial to building an effective email marketing campaign. Any analytics you have access to once the emails have been sent out can help you see what is working and what you need to change. This will help you see what steps to take to move forward for a successful email marketing campaign.

Five Key Takeaways to Build an Effective Email Marketing Campaign:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Always have a purpose to your email marketing campaign by providing an offer to your target audience
  2. Be sure to segment your database to make your offer relevant
  3. Provide calls to action telling the potential consumer what to do next
  4. Have a landing page to receive information from your potential consumer before directing them to the offer
  5. Have an email marketing tool to take a look at the analytics once your email has been sent in order to see what worked and what didn’t

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