Brand + Social Media = SuccessBrand + Social Media = Success! This is a formula you can’t afford to ignore. Your social media accounts are a great tool to use for the promotion of your brand. They give you the opportunity to draw the attention of candidates and clients in different ways and win more business that is essential to your company’s success. The interactive nature of social media helps you create relationships with your target audience while establishing your organization as a thought leader in the industry. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking this potential and consider the following ways to boost your brand with social media.

Blog Content
The days that blogs were an option for a company are long gone. Today, they are widely known for sharing social media content, so if you want to boost your brand with social media, you have no excuse, but to maintain an updated blog on your website. Get together with your sales and recruiting teams and create an editorial calendar with weekly industry topics that relate to your target audience. Once you come up with the points you want to cover, assign subject matter experts from your team to get feedback from the real experts and produce insightful content that intrigues your audience. Remember to enrich your content with appropriate keywords in order to catch the attention of search engines and share your blogs on your social media asking for feedback from your audience.

Industry Content
Producing informative blogs should be complemented with the sharing of industry related articles that cover topics of interest for your target audience. At the beginning of each week perform online research to locate thought-provoking stories and once you make a list of them, repost them on your social media accounts to intrigue your audience and increase engagement. Like with your blog, ask your internal team to like and share the repurposed articles you distribute on their personal accounts for maximum exposure. The secret to boost your brand with social media is passing on news that is current and relative. Avoid articles that are more than 2-3 weeks old as you run the risk of using outdated information.

Job Postings
Have you ever thought that candidates today turn to social media to look for new job opportunities as well as to find out more about potential employers? Why don’t you capitalize on it and boost your brand with social media in ways that showcase your recruiting practices?
Instead of doing what most firms do –simply posting endless job positions– give a more personalized approach to the recruiting process by embedding it to your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for timely follow-ups from your team. Encourage conversations and explain to candidates how it would be like to work with your recruiters.

The size of your audience is a great factor to the growth of your business and social media can help you increase the number of your followers. Sharing intriguing content and showing the personal side of your organization are effective ways to build and maintain relationships with more people who are looking for firms that add value and are thought of as leaders by the industry. Boost your brand with social media by joining communities and associations online and engage or even initiate thought provoking discussions. Ask your team to be responsive and interactive with followers in order to add credibility and help build trust relationships in your brand.

One very important rule to keep in mind when you boost your brand with social media is that in order to see the results you want, you have to keep a balance with your postings. Too much content –especially when it doesn’t add any value– is going to drive your audience away. Similarly, not having a social media strategy with a consistent timetable of what goes out and when, as well as which team member engages with followers on your accounts, is going to turn people away. To put it clear, it is crucial that you devote the right amount of time and effort in your social media plan and you do not deviate from it.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Brand + Social Media = Success:

  1. Maintain an up-to-date blog and share your blogs on your social media to engage your audience
  2. Perform online research to locate and share industry content
  3. Use your social media to give a personalized approach to the recruiting process
  4. Increase your audience by joining online communities and promoting your brand
  5. Put the necessary effort in your social media plan and you do not deviate from it

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