lead generation campaignIn business, the bottom line matters. Showing a profit in the world of staffing requires a steady stream of clients and a talent pool that is filled with qualified candidates. Make use of market research to thoroughly understand who your target audience is and what issues are important to them. Identify the modes of outreach that are going to effectively communicate your staffing firm’s message, and ensure that all lead generation efforts are presented in a mobile-friendly format. In order to oversee an effective lead generation campaign, you must do your homework, be creative, and always track your statistical data.

Plan Your Efforts
Without a comprehensive plan, your staffing firm lead generation campaign is destined to fail. As with any business effort, lead generation requires a well-thought-out marketing initiative, complete with a multi-tiered design concept to address the various stages of your campaign. Everything must be planned with your ideal target audience and your ultimate goals in mind. Are you looking for a variety of qualified candidates to fill your talent pool, or are you only interested in locating applicants with a specific skillset? Have you conducted market research to determine what voids your staffing firm is able to fill in the market? In your marketing materials, are you addressing the needs of your audience and helping to solve any challenges they are facing? Set deadlines for each phase of your campaign, and be sure to stick to your calendar. Leave enough time in between each point of contact to ensure that the message is well-received.

Go Mobile or Go Home
No staffing firm lead generation campaign is complete without incorporating a mobile aspect. If you are planning an email campaign, you must make sure that it is in a mobile-friendly format. Prospective clients and candidates have become reliant upon their mobile devices, so if you are hoping to generate leads and realize a return on your investment (ROI), it is essential that your staffing firm website and your marketing efforts are built with mobile in mind. Responsive design is an essential component when looking to boost profits and propel your staffing firm to the next level.

Bring on the Social Media
In order to fully engage with your target audience, every staffing firm lead generation campaign must embrace social media. Are you kicking off a new social giving promotion? Announce it through your staffing firm social media profiles and update your audience when you hit your milestones. Meet with your sales and recruiting staff to establish lead nurturing guidelines, and make sure members of your team are actively monitoring your accounts and replying to posts in a timely manner. Grab the attention of potential leads by hosting a live podcast or webinar, and remember to always include links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn company pages in your campaign emails.

Share Your Expertise
Fill your talent pool and generate the greatest number of leads by packing your editorial calendar with informative content. Establish your staffing firm as a thought leader by researching relevant topics and creating weekly blog articles that help to answer pertinent questions or address areas of need within your industry. Figure out ways to highlight your services and feature those areas of differentiation that set you apart from the competition. Update your calls-to-action and encourage engagement by linking to “How to” guides and instructional videos.

Measure Your Effectiveness
Once new leads are identified, are they being actively nurtured and converted into new business for your staffing firm? When it comes to determining the effectiveness of a lead generation campaign or measuring profits, numbers don’t lie. Record your baseline numbers and carefully track analytical data throughout each stage of your campaign in order to evaluate whether you are realizing a return on your marketing investment. Monitor your Google Analytics results to get real-time feedback on which aspects of your lead generation campaign are working, and where you need to make changes.

Key Takeaways to Boost Profits with Effective Lead Generation Campaigns:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Create a plan that details all phases of your lead generation campaign
  2. Ensure that your website and campaign materials are mobile-friendly
  3. Incorporate social media outreach into all aspects of your lead generation efforts
  4. Promote your content marketing materials to your target audience
  5. Follow your statistical programs to determine which aspects of your campaign are proving to be effective

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