Does your staffing firm have a defined social media strategy plan? Social MediaDo you think before you make a post? Have you studied the mistakes of others to ensure you do not fall victim to the same social media backlash? These are just a few of the potential pitfalls in the world of social media. Followers and ‘likes’ are great; however, one misstep and all of your hard work is out the window. Damaging your brand image and causing your loyal supporters to doubt your abilities is an extremely difficult thing to recover from. Make sure to do your homework before beginning a social media campaign. The following reminders are meant to alert your staffing firm to potential pitfalls in order to avoid a social media fail for your staffing firm.

Establish a Social Media Strategy
Although some brands relish the 15 minutes of fame that a social media fail creates, it is not worth it in the long run because you spend more time defending yourself than it is worth. Your brand ultimately suffers and people immediately assume that your staffing firm is not a responsible organization. Optimize your social media efforts by creating a social media strategy. The goal must be to engage with your target audience and interact in a responsible manner while delivering your brand message, a new company initiative, or a current campaign you are looking to promote. Involve all members of your team in the creation and maintenance of the plan so that everyone is aware of your organization’s strategy.

Did someone on your team forget to take a minute and listen to what was going on in the world of social media? If so, your most recent post might be a social media fail for your staffing firm. Monitoring online comments and feedback from your target audience is just one aspect of listening that must be incorporated into your social media strategy. You also must be aware of where your staffing firm stands within the industry and how you communicate with clients and candidates. Take the time to listen to and review the comments generated about your firm’s brand. Mass-produced responses and auto-replies are turn-offs and imply that your organization is lazy. Use the opportunity to engage in a discussion rather than responding with a bland message that effectively shuts down the lines of communication.

Think Before Posting
Thoughtless posts can be devastating to a brand and once a comment is on the Internet, it lasts forever. Think you have averted potential problems by deleting the offending comment? All it takes is a screenshot from one quick-thinking user and your social media mistake is now a major social media fail. Don’t try to be savvy by simply including the latest trending hashtag in your tweet. Research the hashtag first to find out why it was created and what is being discussed. A hashtag created to cover the news about the latest school shooting or another tragedy should never be viewed as a quick way to gain followers. It is important to relate your tweets to popular topics that are relevant in your industry, not take advantage of the latest trending hashtag to get users to check out your blog. Over-reacting to online feedback, capitalizing on a natural disaster, and hijacking popular hashtags are examples of not thinking before posting.

Perception is Everything
It is extremely important to remember that in terms of social media, perception is everything. Be careful when posting material you perceive as funny or witty. Chances are there is someone out there who perceives your post differently and is upset by your remarks. Brands have suffered irreparable damage after promotions were perceived as offensive or racist in nature by consumers. Simply stated, make sure you are not posting material that allows your target audience and competitors to criticize your actions or motivations.

Don’t Underestimate Your Audience
Social media is an ideal platform for interacting with your target audience and engaging in meaningful conversations. Underestimating your audience is a great way to set the stage for a social media fail for your staffing firm. Don’t assume that only people with positive experiences are going to recommend your staffing firm online. More often than not, the users who are most vocal online are those who feel they have not received stellar service and they want the world to hear about their experience. Be prepared for both the positive and the negative by responding in a timely and professional manner. Potential clients and candidates want to see that you are actively engaged in making your staffing firm stand out within your industry niche.

Key Takeaways for Social Media Fails:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Start out by establishing a strong social media strategy
  2. Make sure to listen to the online community before posting to social media
  3. Use common sense when posting to social media
  4. Evaluate your material to ensure that others are not going to perceive it as offensive
  5. Don’t underestimate the power of your social media audience

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