It’s easy to say that an eye-catching job description is the best way to draw in the best candidates; but what exactly does the advertisement need to include? Your staffing firm job advertisements are the first thing candidates see about your company and the position you are looking to fill. Ultimately, your goal is to have the best candidates click the “Apply Now” button.

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more discouraging than a job advertisement that either gets no responses or receives hundreds of responses from candidates that are not qualified for the position. Your job ads need to speak directly to the candidate you want and need to hire.

So, what else do your recruitment ads need to include? Read below for the requirements every successful job advertisement needs.

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Choose your Job Title Wisely
First and foremost, your job title needs to be very clear, diminishing any chance of misleading the readers. You should also optimize your job titles with appropriate keywords, keeping your target audience in mind. It’s important to remember how vital SEO is in the recruitment process.

Make your job title hone in on exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate. This should include experience level as well. For example, if you’re hiring for a mid-level candidate, use words such as “specialist”, “manager”, “strategist”, etc. Be specific in your job titles so you are attracting a specific audience. Keep in mind that regardless of the title on the job req, your job is being found by what people search for so “Sr. Project Manager” is a much better title than “Director of Herding Cats.” (or something that no one is going to search for)

Provide a Summary of Your Organization
Many staffing firm job advertisements include a summary of the company, but how exactly should this be written? Copying and pasting your organization’s “About Us” boilerplate into the beginning of a job ad is not the way to go. Instead, the summary of your company should help put the job into context for the applicant. It should connect to the role you are advertising, making candidates excited to apply. Writing a company summary should resonate with your ideal candidates, preventing unwarranted applications.

Keep Your Job Description Content Search Friendly
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely important when it comes to staffing firm job advertisements. Your job ads should be easily found in search results by your target candidates. Include relevant keywords that relate to the job type, the expertise level, and your organization.

Target Your Ideal Candidates
I brought up SEO several times already in this blog, and I’ll say it again! Utilizing the benefits of SEO allow for your job advertisements to appear in your ideal candidate’s search results. Do some quick research before posting and find out exactly who you want to target your post to. From there, use effective keywords and summaries that draw in those candidates.

What Exactly Do Candidates Want to Know?
When posting your job advertisements, you need to be sure it’s ENGAGING candidates correctly, ultimately leading to them applying for the role. You must identify what information is necessary to include. To attract the best candidate for the position, you need to include everything they would want to see, including:

  • Overview of the position and responsibilities (Why should the applicant want to work here in this role)
  • Company Summary
  • Experience, knowledge, skills, characteristics, and qualifications needed
  • Description of benefits and salary
  • Call to action

Keep the Requirements Clear and Concisemarketing strategy mistakes
The requirements you include in your staffing firm job advertisements are what differentiate the best candidates from the candidates that are not a great fit for the role. Keep in mind that you don’t want to scare away great candidates with trivial prerequisites, but you also don’t want to engage unqualified candidates. Consider listing the amount of experience needed for the role, the education background that’s needed, and required skills and characteristics.

Talk Directly to the Candidate
When writing your job advertisements, consider using the word “you”. Your job ads should talk directly to the candidate. For example, instead of using language like “the ideal candidate…”, write “In this role, you will be working with…” or, “You will be expected to…”

Your staffing firm job advertisements are your first impression for candidates, so be sure they are saying exactly what they need to. With these tips, you’re on your way to securing the top candidate for the job.


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