Lead GenerationWe hear you! With all of the staffing firms out there, how are you ever going to attract the attention of potential leads and convert them into new business? The truth of the matter is that lead generation is partially about going out and finding new candidates and clients, and partially about creating a solid online framework that enables leads to search out your staffing firm. Check out the suggestions below to see why a solid content marketing strategy, a strong social media campaign, and an optimized, SEO-friendly website must be essential components of your lead generation plan.

Social Media
The number one rule in staffing firm lead generation is that if you are hoping to attract the attention of potential leads, you must go where they go. Market research is key in fully understanding what motivates your prospective clients and candidates. What social media platforms are frequented by your target audience? Based on age and education demographics, does your target audience prefer Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? LinkedIn is currently the undisputed professional networking platform, but where else should you focus your staffing firm’s social media outreach efforts? Include links to your social media profiles in your email campaigns, on tradeshow collateral, at networking events, and don’t forget to feature them on your staffing firm’s website.

If your goal is to attract the attention of potential leads, weekly posts to your staffing firm blog are a must. Determine what topics are important to your target audience and fill your editorial calendar with attention-grabbing titles. Are there new industry trends that your clients need to be aware of? Are candidates asking your recruiters for interview and resume tips? Remember that anything worth doing is worth doing well, so set aside the time each week to research the topic and compose an insightful article.

Content Marketing
Weekly blog articles are only one part of your staffing firm’s content marketing strategy. In addition to using your staffing firm blog to draw potential clients and candidates to your website, you also need to highlight your staffing services in case studies, whitepapers, eBooks and video clips. Offer these informative pieces of collateral on your website landing pages. Host webinars on specific subjects and promote the sessions through your social media profiles. Create a news page on your staffing firm’s website and post repurposed industry articles in order to increase the chances of people visiting your site.

Once your social media, blog and content marketing efforts have successfully drawn new visitors to your website, don’t miss out on a valuable staffing firm lead generation opportunity. Ensure that your website features a variety of calls-to-action (CTA) in order to appeal to a wide audience. Assess the location of your CTAs and reconfigure the page layout to guarantee that they are prominently located in the top or bottom banner, and on the sidebar of your blog’s homepage. Include a ‘Contact Us’ button on each landing page and in every blog article to allow readers to easily reach out to your staffing firm.

The Analytics of Lead Generation
Pay close attention to your website analytics and make adjustments to your CTAs and content marketing strategy as needed. Are your click-through rates declining on a particular landing page? Take the time to optimize your landing pages and fix any links that might be broken. Update CTAs that are no longer resulting in an influx of interested candidates, and create an offer that is more attractive to them. Evaluating the effectiveness of staffing firm lead generation campaigns would not be possible without an analytics program tracking all of the follow-through and conversion rates, so be sure that you thoroughly understand the software that you are using.

Key Takeaways to Attracting the Attention of Potential Leads:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Conduct market research in order to understand which social media platforms motivate your prospective clients and candidates
  2. Post weekly posts to your staffing firm blog
  3. Boost your content marketing strategy by creating case studies, whitepapers, eBooks and video clips
  4. Ensure that your website features a variety of calls-to-action
  5. Pay attention to your website analytics and make adjustments as needed

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