Your staffing firm survives off of client and candidate relationships. Making sure that those relationships are healthy is essential to the growth of your business. But, the bigger question is; what is the main way to attract new staffing firm business? We have compiled a list of five (5) staffing firm marketing strategies to use to attract new clients.

By adhering to these simple steps, start attracting new staffing firm clients in no time.

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Research, Research, Research
The first step is always research. Google searching what companies are hiring in your area is a great place to start. If a business is expanding, they likely need your help. Once you research these targets, identifying their hiring problems leads you to marketing efforts that are specifically directed to their needs. Compose marketing communications around candidate marketing or on specific projects you have done within those spaces.

Finding a Niche. Jack of all trades, master of none.
In today’s world of information overload it’s important to find out what your staffing firm succeeds at in order to stand out.  Clients are looking for candidates with specific talents – and they want to know that the staffing firm they choose is able to supply them with talent and skills that are needed. Once you know your position, you are able to start attracting new staffing firm clients within that niche. It helps to know the economy of your specific area and what industries need people, that way once you identified potential client needs, you can start making yourself more visible.

Show Expertise
By finding out what your staffing firm is successful at, you need to show your expertise. One of the main emphases should be to bring visitors to your website. Creating usable content such as a blog — preferably something related to your niche and target market — helps you be seen as an influencer. When you make yourself a resource for information in your industry, potential clients pay more attention when you pitch them for businesses.

Asking for Referrals
Every salesperson knows to ask for referrals from clients. Only 5% of salespeople actually do. Who does the client know? Who do they know internally to expand within the client? Asking for referrals may seem obvious and when speaking with your sales team it may feel like a daunting task – but in reality your client levels could live or die by how willing you are to ask for referrals.  By reaching out to past relationships you may be able to pick up a new client. Personalized touches go a long way in an increasingly digital world. Make a referral program internally and oversee that it is happening. By tracking the current number of managers within a client and tracking its growth, the truth is clear to see.

Using LinkedIn to Your Staffing Firm Marketing Advantage
Using LinkedIn in any aspect today is important in the business world. But, did you know that you could use LinkedIn to your staffing firm marketing advantage to help attract new clients to your staffing firm? By leveraging your LinkedIn network, connect with past client relationships, candidates, or that classmate you knew in college who now happens to be the hiring director at a large Technology company. By looking at these connections, it is     always a great resource for attracting new staffing firm clients. We know that this may seem simple, but when you make it an active process, you see that it is not being done on anything, but new.

Takeaways – Attracting Staffing Firm Clients Using Strategic Staffing Firm Marketing:
1.    Research your competitors
2.    Find your nicheS.J.Hemley Marketing
3.    Show expertise and clients will pay attention
4.    Don’t forget about referrals
5.    Use LinkedIn to your advantage.

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