A comprehensive marketing strategy is essential to the success of any staffing firm. Marketing StrategyBe sure to invest enough time and energy into this process, in order to create a plan that is capable of taking your business to the next level. Identify your ideal target audience and determine how you are going to market your services to them. Make use of programs such as Google Analytics to establish a baseline for your website visitor traffic, and then track those same numbers after you have revamped your staffing firm marketing strategy.

Don’t Go Easy on Yourself
When looking to assess your staffing firm marketing strategy, you need to take a critical look at the current state of your efforts. Be honest when determining where you are doing well and where you are falling short. Look at those areas where you are struggling and use that information to design future campaigns. Making excuses for why past marketing initiatives were unsuccessful is a complete waste of time. The point of this analysis is to strengthen your marketing strategy, so don’t go easy on yourself when assessing your staffing firm’s analytics.

Set Goals and Stick to Them
Now that you have an idea of which marketing initiatives have been ineffective, you must establish realistic goals for your team and for your staffing firm as a whole. It is important to understand that designing and sticking to your marketing strategy is not an easy task. In order to realize ROI and achieve a long-term benefit for your staffing firm, you must make sure that you frequently touch base with your sales managers and recruiters to make sure everyone is on the same page. Design an employee recognition program to acknowledge those who meet and surpass established goals and create initiative for others to follow.

Quality Content
Does your staffing firm produce high-quality content, or are you missing the mark? Content marketing is one area that needs to be carefully considered when you assess your staffing firm marketing strategy. If you are looking to secure new clients and candidates, interesting and informative blog articles help to attract their attention on social media platforms and online forums and draw visitors to your website. In order to realize ROI through your content marketing efforts, ensure that you are writing on topics that are important to your target audience and that the information you are posting adds value.

Are They Sharing?
During the course of your assessment, if you find that nobody is sharing your posts, then you need to re-evaluate your practices. By producing quality content and building up a strong staffing firm brand, people are going to be encouraged to share your posts with their networks. Every time your original material is shared online, your audience grows as does your reputation as a thought leader and influencer within the industry. Don’t forget about including your team in the mix by asking them to regularly share your social media posts on their personal profiles.

SEO is the Way to Know
Success is evident in the numbers, so one of the best ways to assess your staffing firm marketing strategy and determine whether your initiatives are effective or ineffective is to look at your SEO ranking. Staffing firms of all sizes need to carve out their niche within the industry and make sure that their website accurately reflects who they are and what they do. Perform research to determine which keywords your target audience is most likely to search for, and optimize your SEO by using them in your blog articles and on each page of your website.

Key Takeaways for Assessing Your Marketing Strategy:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Evaluate the current state of your efforts in order to determine whether your initiatives are effective or ineffective
  2. Establish realistic marketing strategy goals for your team and for your staffing firm as a whole
  3. Produce high-quality content to draw prospective clients and candidates to your site
  4. Encourage your target audience and your team to share your posts with their networks
  5. Optimize your SEO by using keywords in your blog articles and on each page of your website

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