Web analytics allow you the ability to drive results through understanding what is happening in your various marketing activities. Being educated on web analytics is essential to better understanding how your marketing efforts are improving and which areas you need to work on. The thought of using web analytics tends to be overwhelming; however, there are different software programs such as Google Analytics that are free and easy to use. Web analytics are one of the keys for conducting thorough marketing research and analysis in order to drive results. Here are 5 reasons why you should be using web analytics if you’re not already:

Demonstrate how your website is meeting business goals
Through most web analytics programs, you can set goals. For example, if you want to see how many people fill out and submit your contact form, you can set that up as a goal then look at how you have accomplished that goal or why you haven’t. Creating business goals are essential before conducting any marketing research and analysis and fixing areas that need to be fixed in order to enhance ROI.

Inspire Change
Every company should be making changes to their content keeping it informative and updated. Web analytics allows businesses to see where they need to improve on a consistent basis. This inspires ideas for enhancements to be made on the company’s website allowing you to create useful content to reach the company’s target audience.

Monitor how many visitors you have
If you are conducting a marketing campaign, wouldn’t you want to know how effective it is? Don’t you want to be able to see where you can improve? Well, by conducting marketing research through web analytics, you can see all this information directly. You want to be able to gauge how your campaign is doing by looking at the increase and decrease in traffic flow to your website. This can be done quickly and effectively through any web analytic program.

Measuring Traffic Sources
When conducting market research and analysis, you want to be able to not only see how many visitors your website has received, but also where those visitors were before coming to your website. Did they come to your site organically, directly, or a referral site? These are important questions to have answered to better understand what areas of your site need help and which areas are working.

Measure your SEO
Ever wonder which keywords are driving the most traffic? Are you wondering which keywords are generating hot leads? By using web analytics, you can see exactly which keywords came up in searches and drove potential leads to your website. Keyword loading for search engine optimization isn’t helpful if the keywords aren’t bringing back tangible leads. Keeping track of which keywords work and which don’t will in turn bring you leads and ROI.

Five Key Takeaways:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Set business goals within the web analytics program to then be able to track your progress on achieving those goals.
  2. Through web analytics you can see which sections of your website need to be changed which can be the inspiration behind updated and more helpful content.
  3. During a marketing campaign you can check in real time how effective it is through your web analytics.
  4. Finding out where traffic is coming from before clicking on your website is the key to enhancing your SEO results.
  5. Through web analytics you can see which keywords are working and enhancing your SEO

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