In order to build your business and your brand, it is essential that you maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your staffing firm website. SEOIs your website generating qualified leads for your recruiting team? Are your sales managers converting leads into clients? If your staffing firm’s website is not bringing in business then your ROI is not being realized on your company’s site. In today’s tech-savvy business world, websites are the face of your business and are usually the first resource for users searching for staffing services. It is important to make a great first impression when potential clients or candidates visit your site for the first time, so make sure your site is interactive and easy-to-use. Take some time to sit down and evaluate whether you are really getting the most out of your staffing firm website.

Set Goals for Your Website
Have you sat down with your team and analyzed your website? Have you figured out what you want out of your site and decided what areas need improvement? In order to set goals for your website, you need to agree on your website’s purpose. Generating leads, increasing search engine optimization (SEO) results, updating your navigation to create a more user-friendly interface, and building your audience are all great examples of website goals. Try to establish at least two major goals for your website and make sure you have the ability to set performance standards and measure your progress on those goals.

Don’t Ignore Your Analytics
How many of you have analytics programs that you never look at? While most websites have Google Analytics or similar tools gathering data behind the scenes, many companies never refer to these valuable statistics. Web analytics tools are required in order to accurately measure site traffic and provide the data needed to improve the effectiveness of your staffing firm’s website. Study your Google Analytics reports to see how users are interacting with your site and design ways to optimize their web experience. Use the statistics to help gauge traffic after the implementation of a marketing campaign to measure your ROI. Review your site’s fallout report to see whether users are falling off of your site before completing the online application. Are they failing to complete the application due to a technology glitch? Is the application process too lengthy or extremely complex? Rely on your metrics to monitor site performance and to address any sudden changes in your visitor rates or user trends.

Lead Generation
If you are not generating leads through your site and converting them into business opportunities, you are definitely not getting the most out of your staffing firm website. Evaluate your calls-to-action to ensure that they are still relevant and enticing to users. Consider integrating your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with your website in order to streamline the application process and speed up the response time of your recruiters. Make use of progressive profiling to ensure that visitors are not asked to enter the same information over and over when they carry out multiple actions on your website.

Fresh Ideas, Fresh Content
Build your target audience and increase your firm’s credibility by constantly uploading fresh, relevant content to your website. If one of your goals is to encourage return visits to your site, your must update your written material and any photo/video content on a regular basis. The biggest turn-off to users and the quickest way to date your website is to leave stale content up for all to see. Implement a content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily post new blog articles, increase conversation with your visitors, and update your website with industry achievements or press releases.

You are definitely not getting the most out of your staffing firm website if it has not yet been optimized for mobile or it is not responsive to various types of devices. Mobile users account for a huge portion of today’s online traffic, so it is important to ensure that your site functions well on all devices, from smartphones, to desktop computers, to wall-mounted smart TVs. Pay attention to your page loading times to ensure that users do not become impatient and navigate to another more responsive site.

Key Takeaways for Getting the Most Out of Your Staffing Firm Website:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Establish goals for your website and generate a plan to accomplish each task
  2. Refer to your analytics program on a regular basis and make use of the information to create a better website
  3. Integrate website components that allow users to easily enter their contact information and make sure the leads are forwarded to your team for follow-up
  4. Upload fresh content to your website in order to attract new users and encourage return visits
  5. Optimize your website and ensure that it is responsive to all devices

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