Viral ContentHave you gone viral? Don’t get nervous just yet, because a visit to your physician is not going to be necessary. In the world of social media, producing shareable staffing firm content is essential. Building a reliable social media network requires a commitment to high-quality content and a strong team to carry out your social media marketing plan. If you are looking to boost your brand and drive new business, then having your content go viral must be your ultimate goal.

What Makes Content Shareable?
Before you publish anything to your social media profiles, ask yourself whether it is a piece that you are proud to put your company name on. Does it represent who you are as a staffing firm and is it going to differentiate your services from the competition? Is the material well-written and does it provide value to your target audience? Would you feel comfortable sharing it with your own personal network? If you are unable to answer yes to any of the above questions, then you should probably re-evaluate your content selection.

Respect Is Earned
Now that you are prepared to produce content that is worthy of being shared, you need to make sure that potential clients and candidates respect your staffing firm enough to feel comfortable sharing your collateral. Establishing your staffing firm as an industry leader does not happen overnight and it requires a lot of hard work. Keep users interested by adhering to an editorial calendar to ensure that you are regularly distributing thought-provoking material on a variety of different subjects. Participate in online forums to see what topics are frequently discussed, and offer assistance by providing helpful resources to those in need.

Author Up!
Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to write all of the original content yourself. Acknowledge the wealth of talent and knowledge that you have assembled on your staff by enlisting your sales and recruiting teams as authors. Having your team assist you in producing shareable staffing firm content means that not only do you not have to personally shoulder all of the responsibility, but it also means that different perspectives will be featured. Draw from their individual insights, but be careful to stick with one writing style to ensure continuity and to help forge a relationship with those who regularly follow your blog posts.

In Their Face
When it comes to producing shareable staffing firm content for your audience, the bottom line is that they can’t share what they can’t see. Be sure to do your homework and to post your content to social media platforms that are frequented by your target audience. Ensure that your content is easy to share and is accessible to a wide audience. By trying to focus in on too small of an industry niche, you run the risk of alienating a large number of professionals who might have been interested. Make sure to post the information where they can’t miss it by taking advantage of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn. If market research suggests that your target audience lends itself to distribution channels such as Instagram, YouTube, or Vimeo, consider posting more visual multimedia such as infographics and instructional videos. After all, everyone loves sharing a good video clip if it promises to provide value to their co-workers, friends and family.

Find Common Ground
The secret to producing shareable staffing firm content is to find common ground. Although not everyone who reads your content is currently looking for a job, there are many topics which have the potential to appeal to a wide audience. Keep in mind that the reason why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge proved to be such a viral phenomenon is that it appealed to everyone and drew them (and all of their friends) into spreading the message. It also challenged people on an emotional level. Staffing firms that attempt to connect with potential clients and candidates on an emotional level are more likely to connect with their target audience and build their brand.

Key Takeaways for Are You Producing Shareable Content?:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Before publishing anything, make sure that it is content that you are proud of
  2. Earn the respect of your target audience by establishing yourself as a thought-leader
  3. Share authoring responsibilities with your team
  4. Post the content on sites that are frequented by your ideal clients and candidates
  5. Connect with your audience by finding common ground and appealing on an emotional level

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