The staffing industry is all about people, so you must pay close attention to the feedback that you receive from your clients and candidates. thumbs up thumbs downThose staffing firms that listen carefully and make adjustments to their service delivery techniques are the firms that gain the trust of their clientele and build brand loyalty. Don’t be afraid to survey your clients and candidates and ask for their comments and concerns. The only way to make your staffing firm better is to know what you need to fix, but be sure to read between the lines and get to the heart of what they are really saying about your services. There is always room for improvement; therefore, initiate changes to your staffing firm’s standard operating procedure to show that you value the importance of client and candidate feedback.

Improve User Experience
Listening to client and candidate feedback is the best way to improve your user experience. How interactive is your website? If you have a mobile app, how easy is it to use? If you do not yet have a mobile app, would candidates benefit from an app that makes it easy for them to apply for available positions? Be proactive and ask your current clients and candidates to answer a few short questions that cover key areas of the overall user experience. Check out what is being said about your staffing firm on review sites such as Glassdoor and take the initiative to fix whatever issues are being discussed online. From the perspective of a potential client or candidate, the biggest red flag is to see the same workplace concerns raised time and time again. When the same issues are still recurring months or even years later, the message being sent to your audience is that you don’t care about their concerns.

The Value of Differentiation
Keep in mind that while it is important to listen to the suggestions made by your clients and candidates, it is your responsibility to ensure that your staffing firm stands out from the rest. When suggestions are made regarding ways to improve your staffing firm, remember to look before you leap. Only make changes to processes that have the potential to help your firm be more successful. Making your staffing just like Staffing Firm XYZ is never a good idea. It is important to differentiate your firm within the industry and highlight those areas where your staffing firm goes above and beyond for your clients and candidates. When candidates try to impress upon you that your staffing firm’s website should be more like another firm’s website, don’t immediately start making design changes; you need to read between the lines. What is it about their website that candidates like? Is there a particular functionality that appeals to them? Your website needs to be unique and oriented toward your particular niche in order to build your brand.

Interview Your Current Employees
A great way to indirectly get feedback from clients and candidates is to ask questions of your recruiting and sales teams. Interview your recruiters and take advantage of their knowledge and experience. Do they have helpful suggestions based on previous positions at other firms? Find out what approaches are the most effective and share them with your entire team. Your sales team is constantly communicating with clients, so take the time to ask them about their interactions. Do your current clients seem satisfied with your services? What areas of your staffing firm need improvement? What do your sales people feel potential clients are looking for in a staffing firm? Remember that newer employees may not be inclined to critique accepted practices for fear of rocking the boat. Encourage your staff to submit suggestions by selecting the best idea each month and awarding the staff member with a gift card or other form of recognition.

Timely Feedback
In order to build your brand loyalty, make sure that your staffing firm is responding to clients and candidates in a timely manner. Individuals who vent their concerns should be responded to right away so they feel like they are being listened to. Minimize the effect of negative feedback with a prompt response; prospective applicants see that you are paying attention and are working hard to improve your services. Likewise, you need to engage those people who go through the trouble of posting something nice about your staffing firm by thanking them for their positive review. Don’t be afraid to let your sincerity show through in your online responses. Applicant and employer satisfaction must be your number one priority, so show your audience that you value the importance of client and candidate feedback.

Pay Attention to Analytics
Analytics are a great form of feedback and are an important part of understanding what your staffing firm is doing well and determining where there is room for improvement. Make use of tools such as Google Analytics to set up feedback programs and pay attention to what those numbers are telling you. How is your website performing? Are your blog article topics attracting the attention of potential clients and candidates? Do your various offers and marketing campaigns result in noticeable new site traffic? Analytics are a great way to get real-time feedback and to better understand what your target audience wants.

Key Takeaways for Listening to Your Clients and Candidates:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Survey current clients and candidates to determine areas in need of improvement
  2. Make positive changes, but remember to differentiate your staffing firm within the industry
  3. Gather useful insight from your recruiting and sales teams
  4. Provide timely responses to all feedback on your staffing firm
  5. Use analytics tools to determine the effectiveness of your website and marketing campaigns

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