Multimedia is a great way to drive traffic to your website and attract the attention of prospective clients and candidates.Multimedia Coming up with creative ways to showcase relevant information is sometimes a challenge, so it is important to explore all possible mediums. When looking to build your brand, consider the following points and be sure to incorporate podcasts into your content marketing strategy.

Create a Plan
Great podcasts don’t just happen overnight. In order to be successful, you must design a content marketing strategy and remain true to your plan. Come up with a theme for your podcasts and set achievable goals regarding engagement and audience building. Create an editorial calendar, complete with a list of topics to be covered in each of your podcasts. How long is each podcast going to last, and how many segments are you planning to include? Remember to stay focused and not let your podcasts stray in a different direction. Brand building is only going to be achieved if your podcast themes remain consistent and you promote valuable content to attract a loyal group of followers.

Find Your Niche
Now that you have a plan for your podcasts, it’s time to find your audience. Don’t try to create a podcast that appeals to everyone, as the result is bound to be a watered down production. Pick a topic that you are passionate about, and allow your excitement to carry through to your audience. Podcasts are a great way to reach target groups with a particular focus, so be sure to market your webcast to the right niche.

Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel
When creating the actual content to be highlighted in your podcasts, keep in mind that there is no need to re-invent the wheel. Much of what your staffing firm is passionate about already exists as part of your content marketing strategy and is ready to be adapted into a format suitable for your podcast. Review your company’s blog articles, whitepapers and case studies for relevant material. Look through the archives to locate slideshows or scripts you have used when presenting at trade shows. Build your brand by lending your personality to the podcast and allowing your target audience to identify with your staffing firm. There are those who prefer to sit down and read a blog article or an eBook, and those who don’t have that kind of time. Podcasts cater to on-the-go professionals who prefer listening to multimedia presentations during their commute or in their downtime.

Keep Them Coming Back for More
Do you know what’s better than one successful podcast? The answer, of course, is a series of successful podcasts. Keep them coming back for more by creating a series of recordings based on one specific topic. Select a theme that is relevant to your target audience, while also making sure that it serves to highlight your staffing firm services. In order to guarantee that your target audience returns for future webcasts, ensure that each episode is brief and engaging. Remember to promote upcoming episodes, and be personable so that people are able to relate to your podcasts.

Share the Spotlight
Invite others to share the spotlight and join in on your podcasts. Interview experts about their industry insights and share their experiences with your target audience. Compile a list of interesting questions and share them with your guests in advance to ensure that they are appropriately prepared. Invite your audience to participate in a question and answer forum. Not only are you going to learn more about what is important to your potential clients and candidates, but you are sure to boost engagement and grow your audience.

Key Takeaways for Are Podcasts Part of Your Marketing Strategy: S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Design a strategy and remain true to your plan
  2. Create podcast themes to attract professionals who are part of your target audience
  3. Utilize content marketing materials and adapt them into a podcast format
  4. Plan a podcast series to keep them coming back for more
  5. Interview industry experts and invite your audience to submit questions

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