Your staffing firm marketing strategy is…well, it’s everything! Your marketing strategy allows you to increase sales, maximize ROI, and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. This is the best possible outcome for your business, and we want to help you get there! Read on for 8 staffing firm marketing strategy tips that ensure business success!

Set Realistic Goals
Before you do anything, you must set realistic marketing goals for your staffing firm. The goals you create also serve as motivation for your marketing team to perform. These goals should help form your marketing strategy and should always stay in the forefront of your mind when creating campaigns or content.

Staffing firm marketing strategy tips

Determine Your Target Audience
Once you have your goals set and your marketing team is ready to go, you need to determine your target audience and who you want to market your services to. Throwing your valuable content out there blindly with no sense of who sees it won’t help your business. For instance, when creating email campaigns, you need a solid database of prospects that will find value in your staffing firm services. When posting on social media, you should have a great following of the people you want to target to. With social media, you are even able to create paid advertisements that allow you to choose your audience. The bottom line is that your target audience is what get you leads.

Remember, Content is KING
Content has and always will be king. Content marketing has become one of the core marketing strategies. Regardless of your industry, developing quality content should be a high priority. Your staffing firm should generate valuable and relevant content regularly through blogging, podcasting, eBooks, whitepapers, infographics, pillar pages, and more. This promotes your staffing firm as a thought leader, providing valuable content and answers to your prospects, ultimately allowing for lead generation.

Differentiate Your Messaging
If you’re creating content and posting on social media, don’t skip out on your messaging! Your staffing firm should provide relevant, authentic messaging that differentiates from your competitors. Along with this, your messaging should be tested with your prospects. The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you are providing top tier services, products, or content if your messaging won’t get people to click on that link over to your site. Evaluate what your prospects and clients want to see and create messaging that gets you a high click-through rate!

Get Employees Engaged and Involved
One of the greatest staffing firm marketing strategy tips we can provide is employee engagement. Your employees and colleagues are your biggest brand ambassadors! Have your employees share, like, comment, and tag others on your staffing firm’s social media posts. This maximizes your outreach to their audiences, where others are able to interact with the post as well. The more people that interact with your social posts, the farther it goes. And the farther it goes, the more likely your firm is able to generate more leads.

Keep the Customer Journey in Mindstaffing firm market research tools
Focus on the customer. I know, this seems like a very obvious tip…however, it doesn’t make it any less important. Your marketing strategy should focus on the entire customer journey, from product/service development to onboarding and servicing. Keeping the customer journey in mind with your staffing firm’s marketing efforts ensures that you are anticipating and representing your client’s and candidate’s needs accurately and efficiently.

Use Marketing Automation
Marketing automation is very important these days. Sending out automated and personalized emails saves time and effort. Not to mention, personalized emails go a long way with clients and candidates. Tools such as HubSpot are great to get your automation efforts going.

Brainstorm With Your Team Regularly
Generating new ideas is always a large part of your marketing strategy. Coordinating with your marketing team brings your ideas to new levels and gets your campaign, content, event, etc. in a great direction. List out ideas with your team, brainstorm extensively, and build out a great plan that is guaranteed to get you leads.

Your marketing strategy is very important for business and lead generation. For more staffing firm marketing strategy tips and services, give us a call or email us! We’re happy to chat.

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